12 April 2016

AFC Cup : Ceres Fc 2-1 Tampines Rovers

AFC Cup Today

Panaad Stadium , Bacolod

Ceres Fc vs Tampines Rovers at 7 pm , delayed to 8 pm

Tv : ABS CBN Sports & Action , start 6.45 pm

Livestream links :


Ceres XI vs Tampines Rovers : Yong-Chan , Guirado , Maranon , Ott , Gallardo , De Murga, Mulders, Steuble, Sang-Min (Capt) and Reichelt

Ceres Fc subs : Sacapano, Schröck , Sabio , Burkey , Angeles twins and Soriano

21 mins 1-0 Maranon (Ceres) PK
36 mins 2-0 Gallardo (Ceres) PK
2-0 HT
65 mins 2-1
2-1 FT


  1. Delayed because of heavy rain....

  2. The game should've been postponed to the following day! Terrible pitch!!

    1. Terrible pitch, though a factor, is just another excuse, which losing teams shouldn't make
      Much like the thais and their clubs don't want to play in an artificial pitch
      win is win lose is lose simple as that

    2. excuses is for loser. they both played at the same terrible pitch & the best team win.

    3. Wow... excellent logic from the two anons above me! LOL!!! Saying that a "terrible pitch" is an excuse because "both teams played on it". LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Just because both teams played on it, it doesn't make the terrible pitch acceptable now does it you dumb fucks?!?!

    4. a win is a win and no sour graping please,accept it! move on. this sport, football is so dynamic,you can outwit opponent if they are tough to handle,its the brute vs heady the result speaks their true character.

    5. hey genius. next time, if the poor pitch is your concern, write or voice your concern directly to AFC committee & FIFA to change the rule regarding delays. or maybe pray to God for good weather condition.

    6. @ Anonymous 13 April 2016 at 07:21

      hah!! ya, brilliant response! lol! people like you are the ones with the idiotic comments, yet you're same ones that get irked when you're told so and end up coming out with more idiotic comments! good job!!

    7. We got a saying here
      "Watch the replay, who knows - they might still win"
      Hope Albirex Niigata destroy your favorite team to pulp
      (Running out of sour grapes)

    8. this is outdoor football, be it snow, rain, etc. as long as it is within fifa playing condition rules is meet, its a GO. you want to be logical - first - blame it on tampines rovers coach tactical decision to bench all your best player on the whole first half, & blame your stupid defender for stupid hand ball & stupid wrestling foul & it would make a whole lot of difference. look at the 2nd half when all your big guns played. okay? move on. not on terrible pitch, but a stupid tactic & stupid defending

  3. green eyed fan.lol.... blame it on the fifa staff,football game needs a sacrificial lamb,like a high priced fc,TAMPINES ROVERS.

  4. first you blamed it on terrible pitch, now in some sort of conspiracy theory by FIFA, the referee, the high price sacrificial lamb? haha pathetic. what is this fc barcelona. you're funny at the same time pathetic.