02 April 2016

Ceres FC to pay USD 12.000 in fines to AFC

AFC CUP 2016 (GROUP STAGE) Ceres La Salle FC (PHI) vs. Selangor FA (MAS) on 23 February 2016

Organisation of Matches (Art 67, AFC Disciplinary Code) Liability for Spectator Conduct (Art 68, AFC Disciplinary Code) Safety and Security (Art 4, ACC 2016 Regulations)

1. Ceres La Salle (PHI) is ordered to pay a fine of USD12,000/- for violating Article 68.1 read together with Article 67.1 of the AFC Disciplinary Code (Code) and Article 4.1 of the AFC Cup Regulations 2016.

2. The fine shall be settled within 30 days from the date that this decision is communicated in accordance with Article 11.3 of the Code.

3. Ceres La Salle (PHI) is informed that a repeat violation of this provision will be met with more severe punishment



  1. The provisions concerned

    AFC Disciplinary Code
    Any Member Association or Club that fails to fulfil any of its obligations relating to the organisation of Matches has committed an offence.

    fine of at least USD5,000.

    2016 AFC Cup regulation
    Each Host Club and its Member Association shall, in conjunction with the
    relevant government authorities and/or Stadium owners, devise, plan, and
    implement adequate security and safety measures for the Competition at all Controlled Access Areas within the Venue and other relevant locations to protect all relevant persons, including without limitation the AFC Delegation, Team Official Delegations, AFC Commercial Rights Partner, Licensees, Broadcasters, Media, and spectators.

    The question is why? What happened specifically the merit this sanction?

  2. Apparently the biggest fine based on the list. What happened?

  3. Sobra kasing bilib sa Panaad Stadium kaya nagkaganyan tuloy.

  4. Subra kasing dami ng tao, hindi na pigilan ng security ang pitch invader kaya malaki ang multa. Ikaw ba naman bantayan mo ang 10K+ na tao na gustong lumapit sa Ceres team.