08 April 2016

Azkals to play a International friendly on June 7

Azkals is scheduled to play a International friendly on June 7 in the Visayas

Opponent not decided.

The friendly will probably take place in Bacolod or Iloilo.


  1. Which countries are being eyed for a friendly?

    China is out since they have a friendly with Andorra on the same date. But they may be accepting of a friendly match in other dates since we did them a "favor" by defeating North Korea for them to qualify to the next round of World Cup qualifiers.

    Guam is a decent opponent than years ago, considering their form lately.

    For teams outside the AFC, maybe a friendly with Tahiti or one of the post-USSR states, like Kazakhstan.

    Hong Kong and Singapore has direct flights to Iloilo, and are familiar but decent teams to face.

    1. Hong Kong , Vietnam and Singapore are all playing in a 4 nations tournament in Myanmar.
      Oceania's teams are playing World Cup qualifiers in Early June

    2. Thanks for the info!

  2. PFF should invite a Middle East team probably same level of current azkals:
    Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Bahrain, Oman
    Or rematch with north korea
    Guam is a more competitive opponent now
    Thailand will only be eager to play against azkals if the latter will play in a thailand stadium
    How about st kitts & nevis or a CAF team?

  3. Rumored team na makalalaro nila sa June 7 ay Syria

    1. I hope that's true
      Syria is a strong and quality opponent
      They advanced to the Third Round of World Cup Qualifiers only losing to Japan home and away and beating all the other 3 teams (Singapore, Afghanistan, Cambodia)
      despite their country being torn by civil war it doesn't distract them or change their gameplay

  4. They can fly directly to Iloilo via Singapore or HK.

  5. Vietnam FA has confirmed friendly against Syria in Hanoi on May 31.
    Very likely now that Syria will then go to Philippines after that friendly.
    It could be that PFF is planning to play two friendlies. One friendly around June 3 and a second friendly on June 7

  6. Better if azkals play against two teams this June
    Preparations for aff suzuki cup