24 April 2016

AFF U19 Championship in Cambodia


  1. The team Philippines need this player badly Brandon Magpayo. Do a google search on name and you will agree. 19 yrs old .

  2. We don't need mmore players . All we need is early start of football program for all categories in the youth teams plus continuity in training the whole year. PFF always Sucks in preparation..

  3. I agree 100% and my comment is a simple BAND-AID to the problem. Soccer-smartness defines a soccer player and this cannot be coached even with years of training. How may times have you watch a match in Barclay's League, when you will say that player is athletic but not smart. This is generalized by the phrase "stupid running and stupid passing".

    Soccer-smartness evolves through generations of soccer fanatics watching the game. It is passed from grandfather to father to son to grandson. In LA, soccer is improving since most of U9 to U18 players are sons of Latin American immigrants coach by a Latin American immigrant coach. Almost all LA teams are composed of 70% Latin players. They also say that soccer must be in your DNA to be good.