04 April 2016

Kaya FC statement

Kaya Futbol Club would like to take this opportunity to clarify and inform everyone that the club does not hire or employ any outside agents to invite players for a trial at the club. There are agents that have been forging our letterhead and inviting players to try out for us. Unless you have spoken to the Kaya management or coaching staff directly, any letter of invitation you receive is not from the club. Please be careful and mindful of falsified documents. We also hope that young players in other countries, especially in Ghana, are careful when interacting with these agents who falsify documents.

Moreover, we would also like to warn everyone to be wary of a stranger(s) who is claiming to be a Kaya player or former Kaya player and fabricating a story of being a victim of theft in order to deceive people into giving him money. Again, please be cautious of people who are using Kaya's name for their own self-interest.


  1. This is a serious problem. Is this recruiting issue common in West Africa/Asia.

    Previously there is an similar issue like this involving Liberian players.
    Although no UFL club was specifically named. "Laos" there doesn't refer to the local club but the country.

  2. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-33595804