02 August 2015

UFL Sunday - Results


  1. The UFL is not exciting to watch IMHO due to many foreigners in the line up plus fil foreigners leaving the locals with no place and no jobs. The only thing I wonder is why they don't have any naturalized players? Because if they want quality they should directly get a quality player from south america and pay him to pay for our country and dispose the fil foreiners who are mediocres but big only in size...

    1. Who told you to watch them anyway? You based excitement on how many locals play?
      How stupid is that?
      Singapore has almost the same system as UFL (5 foreigners on the field) yet they patronize their own league
      and what do you assume locals Will do (who weren't part of grassroots)? Concede more goals?
      Aren't you any happier that w're now at par with other ASEAN leagues (MSL, MNL, S.League, Indonesian league) gaining attention from neighboring peers in just 6 years of being a league?
      There is Ang Liga (multi-colleges football league) UAAP NCAA and UFL has youth league where aspirants play before being in UFL
      If locals want the top tier they must fight their way up - you don't just put anyone On the roster Based on being a purist or ultra nationalist
      Grassroots isn't instant noodles - it takes years before local quality players grow
      It might seem bad to some but right now foreigners are needed to boost local quality in short and long term
      Don't worry ultranationalist - they won't stay forever

    2. Singapore football? No one supports their league. The matches have very low attendance.

  2. Singapore league is not doing well.