12 August 2015

Satoshi Otomo signs for Japanese club

Satoshi Otomo has signed for Japanese club Yokogawa Musashino Fc.

They are playing Japan Football League , which is fourth tier in Japan.

Otomo played for Global Fc last season before he went back to Japan.



  1. This proves once and for all the Otomo is Japanese and not Filipino.

  2. Well I guess Global FC and it's supporters will have some explaining to do? Satoshi is Japanese playing for a Japanese Club NUF SAID! I am sure Minegishi will be following soon.
    Magising na kayo. Hindi Philippine Citizen si Satoshi. Totoo nanay ni Satoshi and Minegishi were born in the Philippines, pero Satoshi and Minegishi were born in Japan to Japanese mothers (naturalized) and fathers.
    Global claiming that both players are of Philippine lineage is not the protest. The UFL rules state you need to be a Philippine Citizen and not of Filipino lineage to play as a local.
    Pinagpipilitan lang ng mga Global supporters na local si Otomo and Minegishi. Eh sila na nga ang nag sabing hapon sila. Ano pang proof kelangan nyo?