11 August 2015

Azkals friendly on 3. September ?

No confirmed news about  a home friendly for Azkals on 3. September , before World Cup qualifiers against Uzbekistan in Bocaue.

Vietnam and Thailand have refused to play in Philippines. PFF was eyeing  Maldives or New Zealand but that seem to not go through.

Last week PFF President Araneta said that PFF had sent invitation to Caribbean country St Kitts/Nevis for  a friendly.

Meanwhile UFL clubs except Global Fc , will be busy with  UFL Cup until finals on August 28


  1. Jonny where do you get the news?
    I haven't heard of PFF arranging a friendly for 3 weeks now
    It's boring and frustrating that they can't even persuade teams for a friendly game
    They should've sent at least 3 invitations each in OFC or Carribean teams now that Maldives and New Zealand aren't eager to play vs Philippines
    I understand Maldives at the moment is busy in Indian Ocean Games playing other island teams and their refusal to go to Manila is highly likely
    New Zealand?- don't know what's their excuse if they decline and if they do I think it'll be the third time they refused PFF invitation

  2. About St Kitts ?
    "Araneta says PFF is still waiting for St. Neville and Kitts' response to invite to play vs Azkals on September 3 in PSS."

  3. Brunei might be a far acceptable opponent than Macau or Nepal
    Not worth spending $100K to play Macau
    Macau does not emulate Uzbekistan's quality
    Better they sent an invitation to 119-ranked St Kitts/Nevis, wish they had sent more to other Caribbean or OFC federations
    St Kitts/Nevis, despite being ranked 119 are already eliminated in 2018 World Cup Qualifiers so they don't have any more games to play and if they accept it'll be the first time Azkals will play against a CONCACAF team

  4. I emailed Fiji General Secretary yesterday because they said on fifa.com that they were looking for to play friendlies against Asian teams.
    He replied : "Thanks. we will follow up"
    They are low ranked but only because last match was in 2012. They only lost 0-1 to New Zealand in World Cup qualifier in 2012. Now preparing for 2018 World Cup qualifiers

    1. Who cares about ranking as long as PFF friendly materializes
      Fiji or St Kitts/Nevis, or whichever team it will be
      Hope they don't make this a repeat of June where no friendly game was ever arranged before the Qualifiers match

    2. Low ranked is exactly what Palami wants.

    3. Anonymous 17:28:
      Are thou even a football fan or just another reklamador crabhead? St Kitts/Nevis FIFA rank as of August is 119, 6 places higher than Azkals' 125 rank, though they're eliminated in World Cup Qualifiers
      Fiji's rank is 198 because they haven't played a FIFA 'A' international match for nearly three years
      Check your facts right before complaining

  5. Try the caribbean Team Montserrat, it is a small Island but they have a strong team.