09 August 2015

Loyola - Armand Del Rosario on Global Explusion

Although the Loyola Meralco Sparks were not involved directly in the filing of complaints against Global, which ultimately led to the club being expelled from the UFL Cup, the Sparks have been on the receiving end of some of the most significant developments in its wake.
Firstly, Loyola have been moved to the other side of the UFL Cup bracket and will face a different opponent in the Round of 16. Secondly, because Global avoided any punishment in the UFL League, the Sparks narrowly miss out on second place, and the potential qualification to the AFC Cup playoffs that the position entails, should Ceres also claim the UFL Cup.
Despite the significant impact on the Loyola Meralco Sparks, team manager Armand Del Rosario is choosing to keep the bigger picture in mind, with longterm progress of the sport his primary concern.
“At the end of the day both the League and all the clubs need to be more professional and held to a higher standard. If we want football to continue to develop in the Philippines this needs to happen,” he intimated.
“We all want football to continue to grow in standard and popularity, so issues like this will need to be addressed at some point. Although the decision to take Global out of the Cup even if the alleged foreign player didn’t play in the Cup, is controversial, I see it more as, at least a decision was made. Controversial as it may be and delayed as it was, at least a decision was made and penalties doled out. Of all the teams, it effects the Loyola Meralco Sparks the most directly. It takes us out of that second place spot in the League, which if Ceres wins the Cup makes us the automatic representative. It also moves us up in ranking which almost ensures we play Ceres before the Final of the Cup. It’s a bit frustrating to say the least, however, I am just happy this issue is now behind us and sanctions were given. Now Clubs will have to ensure they follow the rules strictly going forward. At the same time the league now sees that they need to implement the rules more strictly as well. Growth is happening. It may not be the decision the club likes, but its one step back and two steps forward.”
The player deemed ineligible was Satoshi Otomo, who although Global claims had clear Filipino heritage, did not hold the necessary documents for the league to deem the player a local. New Sparks recruit, Alvin Sarmiento, faced a similar situation earlier in the year, with the club opting to use him as a foreign player until his papers were sorted out. The incident highlights that while such issues will become more prevalent, as the UFL grows in stature and more foreign-based Filipinos make the move to play in the Philippines, the clubs and the league alike hold responsibilities in keeping the sport’s best interest at heart.
“Earlier in the year we had Alvin Sarmiento, a player with clear Filipino decent but without the proper documentation. We played him as a foreigner until all the proper documentation came in. He now has his Filipino passport and we play him accordingly. In a situation like this, it’s not only the club’s responsibility to ensure the documents are in proper standing, but also the league to ensure all parties are following the rules.”
“If we want to compete with clubs in the region and on an international level, we need to be better as a club, and the league needs to be run more professionally. We will have bumps in the road here and there – it’s inevitable, this is what happens in developing countries. It’s trial and error and as long as everybody stays above board in their actions then the sport will be fine. Progress is key, and for as long as everyone is doing their part to improve the standards, the sport will thrive and football will live on.”



  1. A statement expected from the club who will act as if they are still the victim of the decision, and try to project as if they had no hand in this whole circus. hahahaha at least they tried to be a statesman.

  2. You hit the nail on the head! I couldn't agree with you more.

  3. Playing it safe. Namamangka sa Dalawang ilog.. Balimbing. No Cajones! It's either your for it or you are not? Don't try to be the beneficiary of actions other people do. Don't try to sound principled when everybody knows that you did not have the balls to stand up for what is right!
    I have to give you this.. you have the guts to give your opinion on something you gained from but not acted on!

  4. Sige away pa kayo. Bigla na lang mawalan ng interes ang mga tao sa pamumulitika. Sa Bacolod may itatayong basketball stadium. Mas malaki pa sa panaad. Aagawin nila sa football habang pulitika inaatupag niyo lol.

    1. may Pullitika rin ang basketball sa Republic of Imperial Manila govern by Oligarchs royalties.

      politics between rival clubs run by SMC koh Hwang Co Oligarchs and Indonesian Dictators Suhartos Crony ' Salim Family of HK First Pacific with Puppet Manay MVP crony of Erap and Binay.

      dahil sa sports politics apektado ang preparasyon ng Gilas at bumaba ang gate attendance and popularity ng PBA Imperial Manila league.

      bureaucratic-red tape and lopsided trade of players by both side (SMC and first Pacific MVP group) ..syempre w/ broker Chot Reyes known pirating from other clubs and sabotaging foreign coach of Gilas (Toroman) and his potential victim Baldwin.

      Syot Reyes a mercenary kaliwa't kanan kung saan maganda bigayan..plaques of Injuries of Gilas NT and sabotage will benefit him.

      UFL another Imperial Manila league with clubs from Oligarchs like Roxas-Aranetas against rival club of MVP LMSFC including co sponsor club Smart Global FC of Palami.

      what happened to the PBA ngayon nangyayari sa UFL rival clubs with vested commercial interest that truly affects national sports team.

      Palami with conflict interest bilang owner ng Global & PFF official din lalo sa iyo ng disqualification case ng Global.

      in the future magkakaroon ng lamat sa relationship ng PFF and UFL...makaka apekto sa pag released ng players sa international duty lalo na yung mga FC squads na nagsampa ng kaso against Global such as Ceres and Kaya

      yan problema business and politics dahil sa corporate rivalry ng mga football clubs.

      kung sana yung mga sports federation ng PFF,SBP and PVF ay mag create ng isang Unitary national leagues para mawala na ang mga Imperial Manila leagues ng PBA,PSL and UFL plaques by politicking Oligarchs