18 August 2015

AFC U14 in Brunei : Brunei 0-3 Philippines

Philippines won 3-0 against hosts Brunei in the first match of AFC U14.

6" - Rob De Lima
8" - Jethro Borlongan
?" - Nico Quintana



  1. Not bad for a start but no need to be so elated cause its only a Football Festival and its Brunei they are facing. So , parents try to understand your sons game...

  2. Kung natalo katakot takot na coment ang magyayari.Abangan natin sila sa next game.

  3. Congrats! First game is always important and a win against the host is good! Imagine if they lost to what others consider as "Brunei only". Keep it up boys and play even better for the upcoming games! East Timor, Myanmar, & Malaysia youth teams are harder to beat but we & your parents believe that you can match them.