10 August 2015

Global FC elevates disqualification case to PFF, insists Otomo has Filipino lineage

By Karlo Sacamos
GLOBAL FC is appealing its disqualification from the United Football League Cup before the Philippine Football Federation, standing pat on its claim that Satoshi Otomo is of Filipino descent.
The UFL earlier suspended the two-time league champion for the rest of the UFL Cup and slapped the club a P250,000 fine after ruling that former player Otomo, who the club claimed is Filipino-Japanese, has no Filipino lineage.
But Global is raising its case to the PFF, hoping the highest football governing body in the country “will provide a more impartial, enlightened, and fair determination of our case.”
“We owe it to everyone who shares the dream that is Global FC to keep untarnished the name and reputation that we have worked hard to build,” the club said in a statement over the weekend.
Global stressed that Otomo, who played three matches in the league competition, is “unquestionably” a Filipino, being born to a Filipino mother, with the club saying there was a “submitted” document that was “issued by a government agency and was thus presumed genuine, giving the club no reason to question its authenticity.”
The 33-year-old midfielder was also part of the Azkals pool and even played in one friendly against Thailand last year.
Global also questioned the timing of the filing of the complaint by Ceres-La Salle, Kaya FC, Stallion FC, and Pachanga-Diliman as Otomo was no longer part of the team when the case was filed, never playing a single minute in the Cup.
Global said it casted “suspicion on the timing and true motivations behind the filing of the case, and questions on the body’s insistence to find fault in the absence of any legitimate and unimpeachable offense.”
“Instead of promoting the spirit of fair play and sportsmanship – the core values upon which this sport is founded, unbridled rivalry and unscrupulous intimidation have frustrated our efforts to strengthen our football community,” the statement read.
“In the face of all these challenges, Global FC is confident that we will emerge stronger and even more committed to be your People’s Club,” the statement added ahead of the club’s Singapore Cup quarterfinal campaign against Geylang International FC this week.

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  1. Yeah, bring it to the association where the club owner just happens to be the national team's manager. That'll be a very objective decision!

    1. conflict of interest...serving two masters, hitting two birds in one stone.

      like UFL officials roxas and araneta owning UFL club conflict of interest din.

      hoping matapos na ang business plan and feasibility study ng PFF para ma i launch na ang national Premier league sa 2017.

      so commercial interest and politics influenced by Oligarchs from Imperial republic of Manila will reduce.

      sana FDI will not be restricted to 60-40 ownership & economic provision to change galing sa Presidential to Parliamentary-Federal system of Government.

      para ma organize and mapatakbo ng mahusay ang mga local sports pag nagkaroon ng foreign ownership nang hindi umiikot sa iilang personalities from business clans of Oligarchs/Politicos.

    2. roxas-araneta haciendero clans from visayas owner of smart araneta ,LBC and Pizza Hut Philippines.

      their football club LBC-Kaya FC

      they have business partnership with Smart Communications of MVP group kaya naging Smart Araneta Coliseum.

      pero they are rivals in UFL yung smart ang co- sponsor ng Global FC and yung Smart ang sister company ng Meralco (under Conglomerate from first pacific of Metro Pacific)

      MVP group bankroll Loyalo Meralco Sparks under sports foundation with sister squads in basketball Meralco Bolts,Nlex and TNT .. Volleyball Cignal,Pldt home and Meralco

      roxas -araneta supports presidential relative Mar Roxas and MVP group Erap crony supports rival Binay.

      kahit may political rivalries hindi naman nakaka apekto sa relationship ng Smart communications and Araneta Property group pero they have common business rivals the Ayalas of globe and telecom and Property development.

    3. BTW the team manager for Global FC is Cian Palami, the brother of Dan Palami. Cian would be the one responsible for the current situation.

  2. I think Global FC should just accept the verdict and move on. Part of being considered a professional league and a professional club is setting down the rules and following them. Global FC might have been misguided by the government document but it is up to them to verify that document before submitting it to the UFL. A pattern seems to be developing within Global FC, wherein they don't check on the player's documents before submitting their roster. This is the same mistake they made that resulted in their team being severely undermanned for the AFC Cup. They should have learned their lesson from that debacle rather than blaming others for their own self inflicted misfortune. If I were them, I would just take the medicine, learn from this mistake, and move on.

    1. No sir, i don't think that's the right approach to this situation. Plainly, UFL is putting the blame on the club to cover their faults. if you read the chronology of events, its crystal clear that the UFL erred in declaring Otomo ineligible to play as Filipino when they are the ones who actually re-classified him as Filipino. this is the remedy available so better get it. they cannot definitely get an impartial decision from UFL. you're right, there's a pattern of decisions made by UFL to disadvantage Global, eg:

      1. Reversal of Misagh's red card made only after making sure he wont be able to play the crucial match (nakalimutan ko lang details kasi i'm not privy naman)
      2. The Rufo case which they sat on it for a YEAR. exonerated nga but after a year lang and after umalis na si Rufo kasi not allowed to play while case is being heard. syempre the club had to drop him bec mahal ang player and Rufo at the same time napagod na rin siguro

      3. Change of game schedule with notices handed out to the club too late na. remember the game vs Ceres sa 2nd round ng league? Orig sked was vs Socceroo which would have been better for Global since Sato and Hartmann was sitting out due to red card.

      4. And lastly, this case... based sa timeline, di talaga tama ginawa ng UFL and they even breached their own rules on due process.

      as a Global fan, i can fairly say they have all the right to elevate this issue.

    2. You can't blame the UFL for what happened in the AFC Cup. Club management inadverdently handicapped his team and the Philippine club representation to the AFC Cup by not making sure all the documents are in order before submitting the roster. The above example is in the same vein and sets a trend, so somebody in the organization is not doing his job. This shows a clear lack of professionalism.

      As for the UFL, they also need to improve their standard of professionalism and the decision making process moving forward, but this does not excuse Global FC's culpability in this matter. You need to set an example and accept the consequences of your action, so that this will not be repeated over and over again.

      Nobody wants a repeat of what happened in the AFC Cup. It was an embarrassment not just to your club, but to Philippine football in general as well.

  3. Global has all the right to appeal the case to the PFF. Any club would do so. There is nothing wrong with that. There is no question also about Otomo and Minegishi's Filipino lineage. They were both born to Filipina mothers. Unfortunately that does not make them automatically Filipino citizens. Global has to only prove that both players are Filipino citizens and the protest will be invalidated. A Philippine passport of NSO BiC is all they need. Regardless of what are opinion is about the fake documents or who did what, that is all the PFF will ask for because that is the same document AFC and FIFA will ask for. I am sure all the other FILFOREIGNERS like the player from Loyola did the same thing? If both players are Philippine Citizens and their documents are valid, then they will not have any problem securing a Philippine passport. They will also be allowed to tryout for the Azkals. I've heard that they are both good players and that will benefit our MNT.
    I don't think there was any intention to cheat or deceive the UFL, but you cannot pass the blame to anybody either? It is Globals responsibility to make sure that the document they received and submitted to the UFL is valid. It the documents were not valid, the Global has to accept responsibility for it. It is not fair to also assume that just because they will not be in the Cup that Philippine Football will suffer. Everybody can be replaced, and eventually they will be replaced. What is important is we help Philippine football progress.
    We all make mistakes, some bigger than others. Either way mistakes will always carry with it consequences.
    I am not saying Global should give up the fight to clear their name, but if they are at fault then they should be professional enough to accept the consequences and move on. They have won numerous championships, and have a big following. They have represented us in international tournaments as well. I am sure this will not be the last time they will not win anything, but that is football.
    The fans will always be fans. Some will side with Global and blame the teams that filed the protest. Other will hate Global for the presumed violations. This is football. We will have more of this in the future. The question is not how bad the problems are, but how we deal with them.
    Global will rise from this. I am sure of that. All the other teams will also be stronger.
    The good thing about this is that Global knows that everybody is watching, and they have to improve their act because they claim to be..The peoples Club.

  4. All I know is that all this talk of AFC Cup and playing abroad would be for nothing it it was not for the UFL existing. The UFL and all the clubs associated with it must step up and difficult decision like this allow it to grow and mature....and for those that think that the National League will solve these type of problems you obviously have no idea what Association Football is like around the world and that these issues are not the sole problem of Philippine Football.

  5. Otomo played more than 3 matches in the First Round of the League. Otomo played the ff:

    FEB 07 – vs. Archers 1-1
    FEB 14 - vs. Pachanga 2-0
    FEB 17 – vs. Socceroo 8-0
    FEB 21 - vs. Stallion 2-1
    FEB 28 – vs. Phil Army 5-0
    MAR 21 - vs. Loyola 0-1
    APR 11 - vs. Mla. Jeepney 10-1

    The Philippine BC of Otomo indicated he was born in #5 Matahimik St, BRGY Malaya, Quezon City. The Japanese passport indicated Otomo was born in Chiba, Japan. The birth dates of the 2 documents issued by 2 different government agency (Japan, and Philippines) didn’t match and Global was very aware that Otomo was born in Japan yet Global claims that there was no reason to question the authenticity of the BC! Simply unacceptable defense.

    Global insists that Satoshi Otomo is of Filipino descent or has Filipino linege. From what I understand the complainants did not contest that Otomo or Minegishi is of Filipino descent. Having Filipino lineage though does not automatically translate to being Filipino Citizens---this has been explained repeatedly.

    Global also questioned the timing of the filing of the complaint by Ceres-La Salle, Kaya FC, Stallion FC, and Pachanga-Diliman as Otomo was no longer part of the team when the case was filed. Consider that FIFA Disciplinary Code stipulates that the fact that a player has left a club does not cancel out joint liability. The other fact to consider is the when the complaint was filed the league was far from over.

    On the decision to expel Global from the Cup instead of the League is totally absurd. The Appeals Committee failed to justify the expulsion of Global from the Cup and neglected to cite the provision’s in the FIFA DC on which the decision was based. This is a violation of the FIFA Disciplinary Code Article 115. If only the UFL management ensured that the judicial bodies were composed in such a way that the members, together, have the knowledge, abilities and specialist experience that is necessary for the due completion of their tasks--- the decisions of the judicial bodies would probably have been more acceptable.

  6. Minegishi is in the same boat as far as being Japanese and not Filipino. Although the expulsion form the Cup is not correct, Minegishi was still ineligible to play for the Cup and the 2nd round of the league until such time that he submits the proper documents to prove his Philippine Citizenship. A Philippine passport will be sufficient. Claiming to have a ROB is not acceptable because it is only part of the documentary requirements to get a Philippine Passport. The ROB itself does not prove citizenship because his will be Reporting his birth in Japan.

  7. Singapore Cup : Global Fc 0-1 Geylang International
    GLOBAL FC (PHI) starters vs Geylang (SIN)
    3 M.J. Hartmann
    6 Dantes
    8 Villanueva
    9 Bahadoran
    11 Sato
    15 Suzuki
    16 Sadia
    23 M.A. Hartmann
    32 Yanagawa
    63 Barbaso
    93 Hoshide


    Saan yang pinoy na Minegishi na sinasabi nyo? Bat wala sya sa lineup ng GLOBAL sa Singapore? Dami nyong sat sat at palusot. Muka kayong tanga mga naniwala sa palusot ng Global. Ano excuse nyo ngayon? Mas magaling ba si Talaroc kay Minegishi kaya wala sya sa lineup? Injured ba? Ano? Sino ngayon mukang tanga?

  8. Minegishi played full match in the last league match for Global Fc against Kaya and scored, but did not go to Singapore.

  9. We are not questioning Globals win in the RHB. We applaud the players for winning the game regardless of what is happening right now. We are proud of you. Congrats to GLOBAL Management and coaching staff for winning a game even if they were short handed

    Now we encourage Global to be the professional club they are, and former champions at that. You know what you did was wrong. We've read the articles and we've seen some of the proof. To this day we have not heard any rebuttal from GLOBAL. All we've heard are excuses on why they should not be held liable for falsification and cheating. We know that Otomo and Minegishi are not eligible to play as local players. We also know that your management and coaches knew about this. How can you not know that Otomo was born and Japan and can never have a Philippine BC? How can you say that your staff submitted the documents without your approval? Why change the status of Minegishi from a Filipino player to a foreigner? Why did you have to declare him as a local to start with?
    There is no question about their Filipino Lineage, but that will never make them Filipino Citizens.
    If your are really the People Club, and you player to inspire? Then prove it! Do not try to be a club above everybody else? That is not right. You are not above rules and regulations. Be an inspiration and not cheater!
    Your club has done so much for Philippine football, but alone your are not Philippine Football! Your fans will stay by your side not matter what. We understand that. But if you accept your mistakes, you will earn the respect of your critics!