29 May 2014

We want to play in Asian Cup says Dooley

Male’, MALDIVES – Philippines coach Thomas Dooley has said that they want to play in the next level of football and which is the Asian Cup and want to play against those big teams.
Dooley’s Azkals is one step behind the Asian Cup and they need to win the final of AFC Challenge cup against Palestine next Friday to confirm a place in their maiden Asian Cup.
“We want to play at the next level that is not a secret. We came over here to win the Challenge Cup. We want to play at the next level which is the Asian Cup so we want to play against those big guys, not to win something, but to play with them and that is our biggest goal,”
Dooley also said that the next game in the competition is very important for the Azkals and it will write a new history.
“When you play and believe in it you will be successful so that’s why we are going step-by-step. And right now the biggest thing we can do is write a new history in the next game so we want to prepare the team to write history.
“It was a great match, but not for us on the bench. But overall we were hungry for this victory. In the end I am very pleased with how the team played against their great players who are always dangerous. Overall, I think that we deserved to win. We had great chances in the first half but we did not put them away.
He also added that his team is doing better and better.
“We have had eight games and lost only one so far and the team is getting better and better. As the tournament goes on you are getting more tired and making more mistakes, but in terms of unity, the team has grown in the 10 days here. It is something we work on every day and the team is ready to fight against anything and to make the people proud.”
Maldives coach Drago Mamic said that he is very proud for what the players showed against Philippines.
“I told the players after the game that they are my heroes and I am proud of them and the whole country must be proud for what these boys showed today,”
“Both teams should have won today if this can exist in the rules. But unfortunately the rules are very clear that who scores more goals will be the winner and that is why this time the Philippines scored three and we scored two and my congratulations to the Philippines as they scored more goals.”
Maldives will play against Afghanistan in the 3rd place play off tomorrow.
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  1. Park the bus at 1st half, put oj on first half for speed and ball handling, put James on first half to rest stuble, let us prostrate them and make them tired... then second half put our big guns and let it gun blazing till it ends.... lucena at holding midfild

    1. omg! here you are again mr. prostrate. :D better get tested for prostate enlargement just in case. lol

  2. we must avoid to get a goal....i guess if Palestine leads we will lose the match....as we have to come out more offensive and they would threaten us with counter attacks.....also the psychological aspect: we were never a goal behind in that tournament, so how could we handle this.....same goes for Palestine......as they even haven't conceived a goal yet......Keep it 0-0 and shoot the 1-0 in the 90th minute

    1. I'de die of a heart attack if that happens!