17 May 2014

It’s a 50-50 chance says Dooley

Male’, MALDIVES – Philippines coach Tomas Dooley has said that in football it’s a 50-50 chance and the teams who won most games will win the tournament in the end.
Speaking to maldivesoccer.com just after their arrival to Maldives at Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, American born Tomas Dooley said that they won’t take any game easily and the teams who won most games will win.
“It is always difficult to train when we are missing couple of players and 5 players didn’t train with us and three players train with us two days ago. It’s always better to train with all the players.”
“In football it’s always a 50-50 chance and the teams who won the most games, they will win at the end and I am very sure that every player will give 100% on the field. So we don’t take any game easily.”
When asked about the foreign based players they have he agreed that it’s an advantage for them compared to other teams.
“Some of the players we have might not be stars but in other teams, for example Afghanistan they have six players from Germany and they are playing in third or fourth division. But yes for sure it would be an advantage for us compared to other teams.”
“The advantage that we have is that we have trained together more with the Philippines based players than the foreign based players. Like I said we have 5 players coming in now, they haven’t trained with us. They just knew that we have to do a PowerPoint presentation and tell them how to play. So that’s always difficult"
Dooley also reiterated that he doesn’t matter about the opponent teams and they have to play against somebody.
“I am satisfied with the other teams in the group. We have to play against somebody. So it doesn’t matter its Afghanistan or Maldives. In the end we have five games and we want to play five games and definitely to win the last game. So doesn’t matter how we played before now this is the result that counts.”
Philippines team arrived to Maldives this morning and they will be travelling to Addu City tonight from a chartered Maldivian flight.
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source : Maldivesoccer

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  1. Tossing a coin is a 50-50 chance. Winning a football game needs a little more than that from an NT coach.