06 May 2014

Azkals squad for Bahrain camp

Azkals Head Coach Thomas Dooley has invited the following players for the training camp in Bahrain in preparation for the 2014 AFC Challenge Cup.
  1. Patrick Deyto (Green Archers United FC)
  2. Nicholas O'Donnell (Kaya FC)
  3. Carlos De Murga (Ceres La Salle FC)
  4. Amani Aguinaldo (Global FC)
  5. Simon Greatwich (Loyola Meralco Sparks FC)
  6. Daisuke Sato (Global FC)
  7. Simone Rota (Stallion FC)
  8. Anton Del Rosario (Kaya FC)
  9. Jerry Lucena (Esbjerg fB)
  10. Martin Steuble (FC Wil 1990)
  11. Paul Mulders (SC Cambuur)
  12. Chris Greatwich (Kaya FC)
  13. Jason De Jong (Global FC)
  14. Stephan Schrock (Eintracht Frankfurt)
  15. Misagh Bahadoran (Global FC)
  16. James Younghusband (Loyola Meralco Sparks FC)
  17. Patrick Reichelt (Ceres La Salle FC)
  18. Kenshiro Daniels (Kaya FC)
  19. Curt Dizon (Global FC)
  20. Phil Younghusband (Loyola Meralco Sparks FC)
  21. Jose Elmer Porteria (Kaya FC)
  22. Ruben Doctora Jr. (Stallion FC)
  23. Nathaniel Burkey (Pachanga Diliman FC)


  1. Sacapano , Dorlas and Pettys dropped from the squad that played Malaysia.

    Juani Guirado is expected to join the team in Maldives. His wife is giving berth next week.

    Rob Gier missing , dont know why.

    Patino , Cagara, Müller are missing , possible that someone is going directly to Maldives ?

    Misagh Bahadoran surprise inclusion ?

  2. Neil Etheridge confirmed that he will be going to Bahrain.

  3. Neil is very alarmed that he is not the #1 gk anymore. He is not listed, but still going to the camp.

    Gier might have personal matters? Family perhaps?

    Misagh, Palami's favorite son. I don't like the way you play misagh. :D

  4. Will the foreign based players show up in the start of Bahrain training camp ?
    Azkals leaving tomorrow for Bahrain.
    Jerry Lucena in Esbjerg squad for tomorrow's league match .

  5. No news about friendlies...

  6. Hope somehow Patino and Müller make it to the Maledives as well....but I doubt that the Thais let Patino go......we need him badly for our offensive.....we play good but forget to score......Hope Müller goes as well...I think with him and Deyto we have two good goalies.....at the moment I see Etheridge as a risk factor......Does anybody know some news about the Ott brothers? Will we see them play once again?

  7. twentysixxred7 May 2014 at 01:51

    Will this the most likely final line up? Im not sure with amani aguinaldo..i think he is not as reliable as rob gier would be.

  8. twentysixxred7 May 2014 at 02:05

    Who will be your starting xi with this lineup?

    GK: Deyto
    DF: Carli, Lucena, Rota, Reichelt
    Holding MF: De Jong, Greatwich
    MF: JYH, Schrock, Misagh
    FW: PYH