13 May 2014

Azkals news Tuesday - updated !

Stephan Schröck , Carli de Murga , Neil Etheridge and Patrick Reichelt have all arrived the training camp in Bahrain.

Players still missing : Roland Müller, Juan Guirado , Rob Gier , Jerry Lucena and Dennis Cagara.

Rob Gier tweeted yesterday that his wife has been given birth.

Juan Guirado's wife is also expected to give birth soon , and Juan is staying in Spain until birth. He is expected to join the team in Maldives.

Afghanistan won 1-0 against Kyrgyzstan in  afriendly yesterday in Kuwait - Afghanista is playing Kuwait U23 team tomorrow.

Laos lost 1-7 to Maldives in a friendly today in Maldives.

Injuries :

Patrick Deyto and Phil Younghusband were both injured in the friendly (scrimmage) against Bahrain club al Muharraq

Dennis Cagara has been injured and not playing latest league matches

Carli de Murga was injured in last AFC President's Cup match for Ceres Fc and was subbed.

Nate Burkey is injured (hamstring)


  1. Neil Etheridge also arrived in Bahrain along with Stephan Schröck as per ‏@acebright tweet

  2. yes , he replied my tweet and confirmed that Neil, has arrived Baharin last night

  3. alam na kahihinatnan ng laos vs azkals, vs afghanistan and turkemnistan close fights yang 2 laban sigurado

  4. great prospects.....a team which is half a hospital and missing the best striker (Patino not in the team)....
    i have my doubts if we can win this Cup......just imagine to have a team like the Turkemns or Afghans at the Asian Championship...........

    1. They won't fare well vs Japan, Iraq and Jordan even if they those 2 beat Philippines