26 May 2014

AFC expresses concern over ACC intervention

Male', MALDIVES - Asian Football Confederation (AFC) expresses its concern in respect of the intervention by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) of the Republic of Maldives to investigate alleged misconduct in the sale of tickets of the AFC Challenge Cup tournament currently being held in the Maldives.
In a press release made by AFC few minutes back its said that the AFC Challenge Cup is carried out under the direct auspices of the AFC.
“While the AFC Challenge Cup, currently taking place in the Maldives, is carried out under the direct auspices of the AFC, Football Association of Maldives (FAM) is nominated by AFC to carry out all activities of the tournament at a local level. Hence, if there is any complaint in respect of any matter arising in respect of the tournament, including sale of tickets for matches, such complaints should be addressed to the established bodies of AFC under its statutes.”
It also said that if any domestic investigative authority attempts to intervene if the affairs of AFC, the Maldives is at risk of being penalized for such intervention, including suspension.
“Since the jurisdiction to investigate any misconduct remains exclusively with the AFC and FIFA, if any domestic investigative authority attempts to intervene in the affairs of AFC or in any tournament conducted by AFC in partnership with FAM, the Republic of Maldives, as a member of AFC and FIFA is at risk of being penalised for such intervention, including suspension from international events and tournaments. AFC further wishes to convey to the domestic investigative authorities that the Football Association of Maldives is audited by AFC on a regular basis, and remains in good standing. AFC also believes that conduct of FAM in the current tournament is transparent, and in accordance with the established rules of the AFC.”
AFC also thank the general public for the support given to conduct the tournament in the Maldives, and notes with appreciation the spirit of the general public in supporting its national football team.
- See more at: http://www.maldivesoccer.com/s/AFC-expresses-concern-over-ACC-intervention-5451#sthash.accv4Wqu.dpuf


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