24 May 2014

AFC Challenge Cup - Philippines 2-0 Turkmenistan

Start : 4 pm in Maldives , 7 pm in Philippines
TV : ABS CBN Sports and Action from 6.30 pm
Official Livestream : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICAisYcDNqw

Alternative link http://footballschedule.tv/turkmenistan-vs-philippines-live-stream-24-05-2014/

Neil Etheridge and Juani Guirado are both out because of injuries.

Azkals staying at Bandos Island Resort. Need another boat ride today to get to Male...


Azkals Starting XI vs Turkmenistan: Gier, Sato, De Jong, Aguinaldo, P. Younghusband, Doctora, Muller, Schrock, Steuble, Rota & Mulders

29 mins Reichelt in , Doctora Jr out

0-0 HT
1-0 Phil Younghusband
Lucena in , Schrock out
Del Rosario in , Rota out
2-0 Reichelt

Semi-Finals May 27, 2014 Palestine vs Afghanistan (1530 hrs) Philippines vs Maldives (2100 hrs)


  1. Hi Jonny, another live stream? I have no access to the youtube link...due to right issues i can not watch here.....and on www.vnews.mv/vtv they unfortunately show Laos vs Afghanistan

  2. Any other links?

  3. YESSS!!!! Seminfinals against Maldives!! Final spot is as good as assured!!

  4. The ref was against us. Expect some home town decisions.

  5. Congratulations to the PHL Azkals! Way to go Coach Dooley! Here's a good article from the News Section of Asian Football Confederation regarding the PHL win over Turkmenistan. The link follows