09 October 2013

UFL bans reigning UFL MVP Rufo Sanchez amid tug-of-war between Stallion, Global

Karl Decena, InterAKTV

The United Football League has slapped a one-year ban to reigning Most Valuable Player Rufo Sanchez, who is still a subject of a tug-of-war between rival clubs Global FC and Stallion Sta. Lucia.
UFL general manager Cesar de Larrazabal confirmed to InterAKTV that Sanchez is suspended for the upcoming season after “repeated violations and failure to respect and comply with the directive” of the league.
“The UFL Disciplinary Committee has sanctioned you with a ban from all competitions of the UFL for a period of one year with immediate effect,” De Larrazabal wrote to Sanchez in a letter obtained by InterAKTV.
De Larrazabal wrote that the suspension came after Sanchez joined Global during its semifinal campaign in the 2013 Singapore Cup last week. The UFL has apparently barred the Spanish striker to train and play “in all competitions, tournaments, leagues and other events with Global FC and any other football club” as Sanchez has yet to secure a transfer certificate from Stallion Sta. Lucia.
Global announced last September that it already signed Sanchez to a contract. But Stallion claimed that it still has the rights to the Spanish striker, who helped the club win the Cup and League titles last season.
Global earlier was forced to forfeit all of its preseason matches involving Sanchez, who still played with the team despite him being regarded as a registered player of Stallion by the UFL.
The UFL has earlier warned Sanchez that once he continues to play with Global, his actions “will be met with severe sanction including a possible ban from all competitions of the UFL.”
Sanchez has 10 days, or until October 14, to appeal his ban, the UFL wrote. However, he will remain suspended as long as his plea is not granted.



  1. Sanchez must have been duped by fatlami.
    Fatlami always thinks he have the upper hand.
    Today UFL is showing him whose boss.

  2. your obsession with fatlami is clouding your already distorted logic. i pity you, really. you don't know how to see things objectively.

    1. I think you are sympathizer of fatlami and don't even know what the offside rule rules is.
      Name another league in the world where a player can be loan for a particular tournament only.
      Imagine rooney is loan to another club to just represent in a particular tournament then if the club is not having game for the tournament he return to play for manchester.
      Fatlami is abusing the rulea as and when he wants. Another instances is guraido can be signed when his team has no striker.
      Maybe UFL do not have transfer deadline rules which club around the world have to adhere to.

    2. Only a bandwagoner would compare our football state with England. Wake up. Theyre decades ahead in terms of development

    3. The same applies everywhere else and not only in England even our Asean neighbors have the same method as the European countries.

    4. Only idiot fans won't want to see the league adopting euro standard.
      Either they nvr see any football in their life except seing azkals play or they fatlami supporter.

  3. first time ng UFL mag assess ng ganitong issue, wala silang measures at countermeasures