17 October 2013

Azkals now SE Asia’s top team


Drawing strength from the 3-1 victory over Pakistan that sealed its triumph in the Philippine Peace Cup last Tuesday, the Philippines climbed to its highest ranking in history, vaulting four places up to No. 137 in the latest International Football Federation (Fifa) rankings.
And for the first time, the Azkals supplanted Thailand as the No. 1-ranked side in Southeast Asia after the Thais dropped to No. 143 in the world.
Myanmar is the third best team in Southeast Asia at 149, followed by Vietnam (151), Singapore (155), Malaysia (160), Indonesia (162), Laos (165), Timor Leste (193), Brunei (193) and Cambodia (198).
Ironically, the Philippines is not sending a football team to the Southeast Asian Games in Myanmar this December.
The Fifa ranking system not only considers recent results, but also gives weight to the performance of the national team since 2010. The Azkals picked up 213 ranking points over the past month.
“This is the result of the hard work and sacrifice of those involved with the national team, particularly the players, and the support of the Philippine Football Federation,” said Azkals manager Dan Palami.
“Getting the top ranking in Southeast Asia has been our goal since we started with the national team. I’m glad that our efforts have been rewarded,” added Palami, who started supporting the team in 2010.
“We hope that the new ranking will continue to inspire the team to reach greater heights,” said PFF president Mariano “Nonong” Araneta.
Though the Azkals, known for their resiliency, have played only seven matches this year, they endured a busy schedule in the past two years, allowing them to pick up significant ranking points.
Palami believes the rankings will give the Azkals a huge confidence boost as they prepare for the AFC Challenge Cup in the Maldives in May next year.
The winner of the Challenge Cup will qualify for the Asian Cup, which has been the target of the Azkals.
“We should not lose sight of the bigger picture, which is the Challenge Cup,” said Palami.
“We want to win that championship. To go there and to do that will take more than just a win in the Peace Cup as it will take a lot of effort from the stakeholders of the sport.”

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  1. The Spain of SEA. Number one in basketball and football lol

    1. sa basketball pa lng dahil wla pang na achieved na campeonato ang football sa AFC at AFF tournaments..

  2. Where are the keyboard warriros?

  3. Halatang obsessed si Dan Palami sa ranking natin kahit wlang major achievement sa mga tourneo ng SEA.

  4. Here comes the haters. lol!

  5. According to FIFAs official records our national team has jump to stratospheric high 137 from a measly 191 in 2005. That is 54 places in eight years. And if you simply calculate those stats that is an increase of at least 6.75 spots per year. This feat is an unprecedented achievement in any sport in the philippines. Our sport, our national team, its players, coaches and management have sacrificed so much and have surpassed so many obstacle to reach this point. But It pains me to hear that there are still a handful of witless detractors out there. These critics couldn't and won't understand what success mean s even if it hits them in the face. Or maybe we would like to see our team languish in the cellars of world football rather than recognize what we have achieved. At 137 we national team, the players and management have sacrificed more than what was tasked to them yet are now the highest ranked team in south east aisa and the 20th strongest in the AFC what more can we ask for.

  6. Fifa ranking means shit.
    While neighbouring countries concentrate on youth, here we are playing friendlies after friendlies at senior level.
    Don't start cheering until the youth team are serious players in asean.
    Azkals will retire sooner or later who will replace them?
    Palami sons??

    1. Hey there, if you think you have a better idea on how to run a the football development program, why don't you go to Mr. Cojuanco and ask him if you can have Dan Palami's job? I'm sure you have personal funds to support that too. Good luck!

    2. Peping or POC did not hire Palami to manage the national team. Palami isn't running the Philippine Football Development Program either.

    3. Seems like there is alot of palami lovers here.
      They are just blind to everything else except palami and his doings.

  7. FIFA rankings mean shit? If you follow this argument Spain and Germany who rank number one and two respectively does not mean anything. In 2005 football was in the abyss, we were ranked a lowly 196, drubbed by the likes of Thailand and Singapore and conceding as much as 5 goal in one match. And if you want to go back further in the 1996 Asia cup qualifiers we were humiliated by the hk national team 8-nil, allowed in seven unanswered goal by china, and humbled by a humdrum Macau squad 5 to 1. Today we are ranked number one in south east Asia, 20th in the AFC and now 137th in the world. We have risen a staggering 59 places in 8 years that is an astonishing 7.4 spots per year. If one cannot consider this an achievement I don't know what is. Today we have a fledgling relatively successful league, perched on a pedestal, achieving the highest ranking that we've reach. The azkals, the players, coaches and management deserve nothing but our respect instead of witless bickering.

    One question has been resonating that is really bothersome which is "who should replace the azkal when they retire?" The question is utter non sense. members of the all national teams everywhere have come and gone. The azkals are our national team. One of the best sources of new talent is scouting, If I remember correctly we have another addition to our national roster who plays in the second tier in Switzerland. Other source for our national pool are collages and universities that have a vibrant youth system and the UFL. In my humble opinion the fact that we reach 137 is a feat in its self.

    Detractors can say anything about the azkals or even resort to name calling if that's their thing. But one must realize that no one has brought the status of our national team and the sport itself to these heights than the group of people know as the azkals ( the players, coaches and management).

    There is just one question the one begs to ask to these handful of detractors. What have you that would merit the game?

  8. To correct my last statement I was supposed to ask what this detractors have done to do merit to the game.

  9. This is an open forum. You can say what you want about the team constructive or destructive and besides they are right about achievement because its only a number and it doesn't reflect the "true" form of the Azkals. May people here are just cristics who wants our national team to win a major event in any AFC or AFF sanctioned tournament with a "system of play" to emulate for the kids who idolized the Azkals but system of play should not be in the form of long balls making the midfield redundant for the link up between defense and offense. Lastly, many fans are not happy when we always put players from europe and not giving exposures to the homegrowns that we have.
    The true haters are those who promote basketball and bash our football.


      if you cannot accept any criticism at all regarding the administration of the PFF and the football team. you are blind to the fact that they are shit,

    2. Your point was fans are not happy when we always put players from europe and not giving exposures to the homegrowns that we have........

      really? Which fans? If I remember correctly the game in Bacolod was full, it was over flowing from the bleachers up to the grandstands. And both games that were held in Manila against during the challenge cup qualifiers against Cambodia and the Turkmens were jam packed.

      The squad for both games had the same MIX that was used during the peace cup. And if the fans weren't happy would you think studio 23, it's sponsors and its mother company would waste time showing a game that " the fans were not happy"of. Come on.

      If it weren't for these people from Europe, football would still languish as a seemingly unknown or unwanted sport which we were lucky to get shot snippets off in the edges of the Sunday sports page in Manila bulletin.

      Before the azkals, games were barely covered on TV. I remember vividly watching live games in Rizal and ULTRA where they had 100 people in attendance. Today not only are games being broadcast live, stadias are filled to the rafters, you could even hear drums, vuvuzelas and the odd chants. And what's best about it is that tickets are being sold at TICKETWORLD. Go figure

    3. UFL is filled with foreigners.
      The youth team do not get their exposure till ticket to sea games was taken away from the team.
      The youngster at different age group are still whipping boys of the youth tournament.
      Best part we are fielding overage players for during this tournament.
      More need to be done for football before we can take the FIFA ranking as a success.
      Someone posted the ELO ranking which is more accurate.
      That ranking is more logical.

    4. May point ka Anonymous18 October 2013 19:16 at di lng yan malaki talaga ang kasalanan ng PFF dahil papalit palit ng coaching staff ang youth teams natin kaya iba -iba din yung players na kinukuha nila at nawawala tuloy ang pinagsamahan ng mga bata.

  10. Colonial mentality kasi karamihan sa atin na kapag galing abroad ang isang tao talagang mas magaling ito kaysa dito namulat at lumaki. Bakit hindi natin bigyan ng chance ang mga manlalaro dito. I build up natin sila, bigyan ng pondo at itira sa isang lugar hanggang sa lumaki ito at hinog na para sa mga AFC competitions.
    Kailan ba tayo matutong magmahal sa sariling kapwa? Hitsura ba ang dahilan kaya hindi pinapansin ang mga lokal na manlalaro natin? o sadyang mayayaman lng talaga yung taga ibang bansa? at kayang magbigay sa mga team managers at coaches para may lugar sila sa national team natin?
    kayo ang humusga?

    1. ang masakit sa atin, gusto natin palaging instant at di hinihirapan. dapat nga nag concentrate na sila sa mga youth players noong nangyari yung panalo sa Vietnam noon pa. nung meron pa yung Hype. Anong ginawa. lahat napunta sa senior team. GRASSROOTS, itatak nyo yan sa mga kokote niyo. mga opisyales ng PFF

    2. Talaga? Maaring may punto ang una mong sinabi. Maring marami sating mga mamamayan ay minana ang isiping kolonyal. Ngunit, Hindi maaaring saagayunan Ito kung ang papagbasihan natin yan ang palakasan (sports) kung football man o kahit ano pamang uri ng paligashan.

      Ang karamihan sa mga manlalaro natin na nangaling sa ibayong dagat ay ikinbubuhay ang paglalaro ng football bilang isang "professional". Kung saan ang pamantayan ng pagsasanay ay higit na nakaktaas. At hindi lang sa pagsasanay o training ng mga manlalaro nila ang nakakangat Kung Hindi at antas ng kompetisyon ng bawat liga as kanilang mga bansa.

      Saan tayo kukuhan ng mga manlalaro natin? Karamihan ng mga nakakatungali natin ay mga "professionals" papaano tayo makikipagsabayan?

  11. The FIFA rankings will always provide controversial results. See yahoo sports

  12. I present, the more accurate ELO ratings as of October 16

    120 Thailand
    139 Singapore
    146 Vietnam
    149 Indonesia
    156 Philippines
    160 Malaysia
    184 Myanmar
    197 Laos
    218 Cambodia
    219 Brunei
    222 East Timor

  13. RP elo ranking dec 2004 was 215. Elo ranking oct 2013 is pegged at 159 a 56 point increase in 9 years I think that's more than satisfactory.

  14. FIFA and ELO ranking systems have its own unique sets of factors. Whatever system is used, it simply reflects that PHL Azkal team has improved tremendously! Great to Mr. Palami and Coach Weiss for bringing the PHL Azkals to the international competetive scene.

    1. I am happy with the fact that our NT is climbing in the ranking (both ELO & Fifa). I think the Fifa ranking doesn't reflect the true strenght of a team as after a while points get deducted, you gain some even you don't play etc. The ELO ranking seem to reflect the forces in SEA in a better way. In my opinion Thailand is No.1 in SEA, they have the best league, their clubs can compete in AFC champions League (even with foreigners but other SEA nations have them as well in their lin up). Also we still have to proove that we can beat those nations. I mean we haven't won vs Thailand lately, didn't win vs Indonesia or Malaysia (just draws) and missed to win the important matches vs Singapore (semi final of the Suzuki cup).....so if Fifa ranking says we are No.1 in SEA we still have to proove that fact. But nevertheless I glad that the Azkals getting higher and higher and the Philippines aren' t listed beyond good and evil anymore. So keep up the good work.....
      and nevertheless we have some promising talents...they just need time....and for sure they will scount some Pinoys abroad...so I am confident we will have a good balanced mix of Filipinos abroad and home based players in the furture even the current generation will have finished their career

    2. Anonymous18 October 2013 19:37 numbers lng na umangat tayo tremendous na kaagad habang wlang major achievement sa AFC or AFF? Ipanalo nyo muna ang AFC Challenge Cup next year then Suzuki Cup and make it to the semifinals in Asian Cup then dun kayo magmayabang..

  15. can we maintain this good ranking if we don't have foreign based players? if the answer is no, then fifa ranking is just a number simple as that.

    My fear is if the clubs don't release them during the game even in not fifa mandated game do we have strong back up line up. If none then fifa ranking is just a number.

    1. Finally a true football fans who see the problem with the system PFF is adopting.
      Now Palami sympathiser will come to defend their master idealogy.

  16. The azkals should be commended greatly for the leaps they've made. And for its management for the contributions they've given. The best achievement that we have gained is not in points, rankings and trophies. The main criteria for this in the commercial aspect.

    Ten years ago we couldn't see live local game on tv. Today it's being broadcasted by one of the major networks in this country. Before very few people watched the game in stadiums or even in the UST field. who would want to see the team you support get trash 8-0 by an opposing team. Before the current corp that was the reality that we faced. I cannot understand where all this animosity against the euro-fils and the NT management are coming from.

    There is nothing wrong with playing a whole team of euro-fils, if we go back to the 1998 World Cup France fielded a multi-cultural team. The likes of djorkaef, viera, trezguet, thuram, karembeu, boghossian, desailly and even zidane had mix heritage, children of immigrant who migrated to France.

    It's sad to hear a few mindless people clamor for a PURE Filipino team. Such that the philippine has a large overseas population. Are we nazis?

    A pure Filipino? What is that really ? What criteria should we follow? what If a person of impeccable talent was born here to "pure" Europeans but of philippine citizenship should we automatically negate his entry? Or if a person who was born outside of the Philippines but was born of Filipino parents on both sides should we exclude them?

    Or maybe can we just say this, that the main criteria for each NT player is that if a person was born of mixed race, one parent should be Filipino on BOTH sides at the time of birth. BOTH parents of that parent must be born in the country at the time of birth of that parent. and that person should be born in the country and MUST reside in the Philippines at the time of application to the NT.

    And maybe THEY would want to add just one more dumb clause like this; a person who fits the "criteria" mentioned above decides to play professionally in another country asides from the philippines, this person automatically relinquishes his right to play for the NT.

    And finally another question just had to be asked. If a TALENTLESS person born in the Philippines of Filipino parent and who resides in the Philippines try's out for the NT should he get preference?

  17. Tell me which NT outside of both ranking systems have no playes based or plying their trade outside their home country.

    With the exception of England almost all of the countries in the top 10 of both rankings systems have players playing professionally in a foreign club. And even England at one time or another had fielded full internationals born outside the UK notably Jamaican born john Barnes and Raheem sterling. Then you also have owen hargreaves the former man united midfielder who was eligible to play for Germany, Canada and England. And the list goes on and on and on

    Then again I don't think that the NT management has a preference for euro-fils or " foriegn based players. The fact of the matter is that these player based abroad are at the moment physically and technically better than the crop that current crop of locals that we can produce.

    Germany for example boasts the likes of tasci and oezil, both of whom are of Turkish parentage. And according to the German coach are " a great gift" to them. The pair of podolski and klose were both born in Poland. The team also has the Brazilian born cacau, the Ghanaian boateng and Mario gomez was born to a Spanish father.

    Even the Austrian national team capped alaba, who we all know has Filipino parentage and is proud of his roots. He even famously draped the philippine flag on his shoulders during the champions league celebrations. If the Austrians have a Filipino in their line up I don't see anything wrong with poaching an Austrian who has Filipino roots.

    this is a trend in international football, this trend has been very beneficial to many national teams. And try the influx of "foreigners" have bolstered the quality of their respective NTs, their clubs and football as a whole in their.

    Let's face it getting trashed 5-0 or specially 8-0 is not only demoralizing and very detrimental to the development of football in a fledgling nation like ours. Winning even minor tournaments and simply not getting better as much is just simply is inspiring and relatively helpful to the games progress.

  18. mga ulol wlang kwenta ang mga azkals nyu puro foreigner lol........

    1. Yan lang masasabi mo? Ano ba naman? Yun lang? Dagdagan mo naman ng kahit kaunti.

  19. I don't think we go for pure homegrown players solidly as as one team but its not right that we have majority of the azkals are foreign based , born and trained there. The players that other countries poached from other nation is a different thing because they were trained when they were 6-10 yrs old in their academies and got their change of nationalization for a better future. While we the Philippines are always copying the Europeans pero we are getting only the smaller fish and not the big ones which keeps us from moving further against our SEA counter parts. If we are serious about getting the Asian Cup then we better offer the brazilians or argentinian nationals and ask them to switch side to us because for me they are more technically better than our fil-foreign brothers out there. Kung mangopya ka man cguraduhin mo na mas mahusay sa kinopyahan at matinong matino.

  20. We criticize not because we hate the team but we want the team to improve and by helping also our "own products" to excell internationally. Our mindset are focused here in southeast asia for now because we believe its a step by step improvement. Our neighbors thailand , vietnam, malaysia find success through lonng periods of nurturing their youths and not get crazy about hiring many foreign based brothers. Our win against vietnam in 2010 was pure luck and not from hardwork kaya we cannot based all our assumptions to getting all fil foreigners abroad is not a sure thing. Sure, were happy about the win but is it the right road to everlasting glory? if dan palami left this world, will someone continue to finance the players abroad and come here play for the azkals regulary?

  21. baliw si dan patlami wla patriotism gusto nya lahat ng players nya imported sayang lang ang pera nya kung sa youth team na lng nya ginastos may silbi pa ang dami ng home base pinoy na d nabibigyan ng chance dahil sa puro filforeigner buti sana kung magagaling hay mga utak tlaga wlang tiwala sa mga kababayan....

    1. Yun lang? Baliw si palami? Ano ba? Wala ka na bang maayus-ayus na sababihin? Yun Lang? Hay?

  22. baliw talaga dahil gusto nya umabot ng top 100 ang ranking ng azkals sa kanyang lifetime na hindi naabot ng mga thailand, vietnam at singapore na parehong mga AFF Suzuku Cup Champions..