26 October 2013

PFF Smart National Club Championship - Visayas qualifiers , Global Fc 23-0 Hijos Fc

Saturday in Tacloban

PFF Smart National Club Championship - Visayas Qualifiers

Global Fc (Leyte) vs Hijos Fc  (Northern Samar)  3 pm

PFF has allowed Rufo Sanchez to play for Global Fc

Cebu Queen City United won 8-1 against Hijos Fc.


GLOBAL XI: Sadia (GK), Barbaso, Starosta, De Jong, Ochotorena, Christiaens, Altiche, Angeles, Macayan, Hartmann, Sanchez

1-0 Sanchez

2-0 Sanchez
3-0 Christiaens
4-0 Altiche
5-0 Hartmann
6-0 Hartmann
7-0 Marwin Angels
8-0 Sanchez
8-0 HT
9-0 Hartmann
10-0 Macayan (PK)
11-0 Hartmann
12-0 Elhabbib
13-0 Hartmann
14-0 Elhabbib
15-0 Elhabbib
16-0 De Jong
17-0 Marwin Angeles
18-0 Hartmann
19-0 Elhabbib
20-0 Hartmann
21-0 Nayon
22-0 Sanchez
23-0 Sanchez
23-0 FT


  1. what happen...tsk tsk.... politics is alway every where khit sa sports meron pa ring gagohan ang galing tlaga ng global at ni dan patlami salute to you sir lol.....

  2. Totoo.....
    First diqualified sila sa smart club by the PFFKasi hindi sila dumaan ng qualifier tournament na pre requisite ng smart...
    Second they are a club registered with NCRFA and not Leyte....
    Third si Rufo is banned by the PfF ngayon puede ng maglaro....
    Triple whammy sa CQCU ang declared qualifier by the PFF.......
    Wow believe talaga ako IDOLLL BOSSING
    Masarap ba PFF.....

  3. Global leading 6-0 , Rufo scored 3 goals alaready..

    1. hey jonny expert what can you say about global and dan patlami?

    2. Even leader of Global Fc fan group did not know that Global was a Leyte club...

    3. Well, if they want to be a Leyte club then they can get out of the NCR!

  4. 71 min 16 - 0 for Global FC

  5. 23-0 is an insane result. Unless megalomaniac Palami wants to destroy football in the provinces he has to understand that underdogs need encouragement not humiliation.

  6. Foreign imports shouldn't be allowed to play in PFF sanctioned tournaments. It should be strictly for the Filipino player. C'mon! This should be about the development of our homegrown players.

  7. What statements does Global want with the football nation? Dynasty ba talaga ang gusto mo Palami? NCRFA kayo naka rehistro at hindi sa Leyte atsaka pagbigyan nyo naman ng exposure ang ibang club dyan sa Leyte to represent the province para ma expose yung mga local homegrowns nyo. Alam mo Palami wlang magandang idinulot ang 23-0 mo sa sitwasyong ito. Corrupt ka talaga Palami!!!

  8. Go go palami idol. King of pinoy football. I love what you do for us. I will cry coz of happiness. I love football. Make it bigger. Beat all clubs by 50 pts ok? Love love mwah mwah tsup tsup

  9. Palami's ego must be constantly fed to make himself feel good ----he must have lots of insecurities especially when he takes a good look at himself in the mirror. Can't blame him. Lol! ANY DECENT MANAGER/OWNER /COACH WOULD NEVER LET HIS TEAM SHOWBOAT AND HUMILIATE AN OPPONENT BY RUNNING UP THE SCORES. THIS SHOWS YOU WHAT THIS GUY PALAMI IS REALLY ALL ABOUT. PEOPLE’S CLUB! I THINK NOT---MORE LIKELY PALAMI “THE PEOPLE’S JERK”.

  10. Such a disgrace. Other teams would field their reserves against a team like Hijos FC. Palami could even field himself, like he has done in the past, but not this time.

    This also shows that Palami isnt thinking about the development of the local football scene. I agree that this tournament should be all about homegrown players. Have a maximum of 2-3 foreigners per team in this tournament and let the locals have some fun. The foreigners can play in the UFL.

    Thumbs down to the PFF and Palami. Shame.

    1. Rules in PFF Smart is max 3 foreigners in starting XI

  11. PFF mga inutil din kayo wlang nagawa takot sa Global federation .

  12. Teka, akala ko disqualified ang Leyte FA? http://www.watchmendaily.com/sports/leyte-batangas-disqualified-smart-pff-club-cships/

  13. Mr. Araneta Please do something about this , you are still the president di ba ? Are you scared of Palami divulging what he has given you ... mahirap pa naman kalabanin si Palami , pag may ibinigay "daw" sa yo may kapalit , pag kinalaban mo isusumbat sa yo ang lahat ng bigay niya ... at sasabihin lahat ng baho mo, parang showbiz

    There is really something fishy going on inside the fundings of PFF .... Board of Governors !!! wake up and do something about it

    you ousted the former president , why can you not do it this time ... if you do not do that , Palami will reign dahil tuta niya si Araneta at ang gen sec . at halos lahat na nasa PFF. except a few good men.

  14. Palami is the real PFF President tuta lng si Araneta. Wla pa ring improvement sa policy ng PFF.