09 October 2013

Global FC stands behind Rufino Familiar Sanchez

Makati City, Philippines - 9 October 2013.  Global Football Club stands behind our player, Mr. Rufino Familiar Sanchez, in light of the on-going developments regarding his contract with our football club. Furthermore, the People’s Club would like to reiterate the regularity of the contract of Mr. Sanchez and that the signing was made in good faith.  It is unfortunate, however, that the United Football League Disciplinary Committee remained silent on the more important issue involved, which is Mr. Sanchez’s contractual status. Instead, the United Football League Disciplinary Committee dwelt on minor issues which would have been solved already if not for its silence and indecision over the player's contractual status.
Given that the Singapore Cup is not a UFL-sanctioned competition, the one year ban imposed by the UFL against Mr. Sanchez is highly irregular.  UFL wields no power to determine who can and who cannot play for Global FC in the Singapore Cup, a tournament outside of UFL's jurisdiction. Only Football Association of Singapore (FAS) has the power to determine the eligibility of the players participating in FAS tournaments.
Finally, Global FC has decided to elevate the case to the Philippine Football Federation (PFF), confident that the PFF will decide in the best interest of the Philippine football community.

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  1. Elevating the case to the PFF is the only chance for Palami to get a decision that will favor him but I hope the UFL stands firm on their decision. He certainly will use his position in the PFF and most probably renew his threats to quit managing the National Team to pressure the Federation.Lol