01 October 2013

Peace Cup: Azkals face Pakistan, Taiwan XIs

THE PHILIPPINE Azkals will defend the Philippine Peace Cup title against a familiar foe in Chinese-Taipei and a tough Pakistan squad in the tournament slated Oct. 11 to 15 at Panaad Stadium in Bacolod City.
With African sides Rwanda and Uganda begging off due to various reasons, the Philippine Football Federation was left with no choice but to reduce the field to just three from a planned four-team event that will serve as one of the highlights of the city’s Masskara Festival celebration.
The Azkals bested the Taiwanese side for the title last year, while some of the members of the national side saw action for Global FC in the AFC President’s Cup, where they faced a KRL squad powered by Pakistani national team players.
With the matches coinciding with Fifa international friendly dates, Azkals manager Dan Palami plans to call up some of the Europe-based players for the tournament, including Stephan Schrock, who started the season brightly with his new club Eintracht Frankfurt in the German Bundesliga.
“We see this as a chance for the team to be together again,” said Palami, speaking from Singapore, where his club, Global FC, is currently competing in the Singapore Cup semifinals.

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  1. PFF, such a disgrace. Hopefully next year, a different country will host the Peace Cup, and it sure will be alot better than what the PFF has done. They couldnt even find a fourth team to compete in the tournament, and they had all this time to do it. So incompetent!

  2. That's it?!?!? They reduced the tournament to three teams only because Rwanda and Uganda said no and didn't bother trying to invite any other country?!?!?

    Once again, they prove what a bunch of retards they are in the PFF!!!! Their lack of initiative is to blame yet again!! They wait until the last minute to send invites but on top of that, their specificness on who they want to invite has fucked them in the ass!! Could have at least invited Guam again, better than nothing and it's not as if we're too good to be inviting them anyway so why not?!

    "With the matches coinciding with Fifa international friendly dates, Azkals manager Dan Palami plans to call up..."

    So it is that fat cunt who decides on who gets called up! Even more proof on what a fucking mess the PFF is!!

    1. How sure are you that they did not bother to invite other teams? Do you know any inside info that is not/was not disclosed? There could be number of reasons why other teams are not commiting so let's not get ahead of ourselves and conclude something that is not supported by facts.

    2. @Anonymous 3 October 2013 08:48

      Are you associated with the PFF?! LOL at you trying to defend their sorry assess!!

      All you need to do is read the fukn reports!! The PFF was hell bent on trying to get Rwanda and Uganda but they both rejected the invitations! So Gastanes himself said that it would only be a three team event! Also, if it wasn't for that Pakistani guy on twitter getting in touch with Ace Bright, Pakistan wouldn't be involved either!!

      There were also no reports about Guam or Macau being considered while Burundi and Afghanistan were only being eyed as possibilities, meaning they weren't officially sent invites. Even if the PFF did, it's safe to say they rejected it because they're obviously not taking part!!

      Again, this is down to the PFF's lack of initiative and waiting till the last minute to make any moves! Invites for this tournament should've been sent out no later than July but no. They waited until only a few weeks ago to act and now it's been reduced to triangular rather than a proper four nations tournament!!

  3. any idea where i can get tickets?

  4. Ganun naman talaga sila, kahit sa AFC tournaments natin mga last minute na kumikilos kaya panay talo ang mga U14 (myanmar), U16 (kuala lumpur) at U19 (thailand) na mga teams. Tapos blame kaagad sa mga schools na hindi nag release ng kanilang mga players for national duties para lng may scapegoat sila... Kaya wag kayo panay cheers kahit tabla dahil kaya nating manalo sana kung tama lng at mahabang panahon talaga ang pinagsamahan ng coaches at players..

  5. Ngayon alm nio na kung bkit di tyo ksali sa sea games ha ha