28 March 2013

Weiss' contract extension kicks in after success in Challenge Cup qualifiers

By Karlo Sacamos

MICHAEL Weiss gained a new lease on life as Philippine men’s football team coach after the Azkals emerged on top of the Asian Football Confederation Challenge Cup Group E qualifiers.
The Azkals’ 1-0 victory against Turkmenistan at the close of the meet at the Rizal Memorial Stadium on Tuesday night not only booked for the national team a ticket to the Challenge Cup main tournament in Maldives next year, but also ensured the German mentor will remain on the job at least until next year.
Weiss last month signed a six-month contract that contains an extension clause hinging on the Azkals’ qualification to the Challenge Cup main round next year.
“In his contract, it actually states that if he gets us through the qualifiers, then he will have the privilege to coach the team in the final round,” Azkals manager Dan Palami said.
“So barring any unforeseen events, then he will be there in 2014.”
Topping the qualifiers was another achievement for the Azkals under Weiss.
The German mentor previously steered the Filipino booters to a third-place finish in the 2012 edition of the Challenge Cup in March, a championship in the Philippine Peace Cup in September, and a second straight semifinal appearance in the Asean Football Federation Suzuki Cup last December.
Still, Philippine Football Federation president Mariano ‘Nonong’ Araneta pointed out that the Azkals' qualification was "expected" considering the talent at Weiss' disposal.
Although Araneta made it clear that he is not taking anything away from Weiss, the PFF chief credited the Azkals’ star-studded lineup as the main reason for the success in the qualifiers.
“If you look at the team we have, it was expected,” he said.
Araneta also thought the German mentor could have used more players from the bench, considering that no substitutions were made against Cambodia last Sunday, and only James Younghusband and OJ Porteria came in as replacements against the Turkmen.


  1. Whats with araneta? Bitter coz his boy boy dapa was not selected?

    1. I agree with you questioning Araneta. What's the president of the federation poking his nose about the team's decision during game time. He's priority and job is to run the federation and not what goes in the team strategy and whatever else that may be. Araneta hired a coach so allow him to do his job and he should just do his on the other hand. I think the real nature of man when in power in starting to come out. Sad...

  2. Hey Araneta!!! I think you should focus more on the development of football in the entire country, that including the accessibility to football pitches for all levels of play, especially a decent football pitch for international competition (you know so that nothing like disgraceful would happen again like the Cambodia match if we are so eager to host a competition of that level). I think that's what you should have been worried more about and not the substitution thingy coz that's for your hired coach to decide on and worry about. Right? Don't let your federation power blind you, Mr.. Besides, what if we had lost to Turkmenistan and we only won by 4 goals against Cambodia due to substitutions for the sake of substituting players. I think we would be in a much different situation and possibly lose a spot for the final round.

  3. I hope Mr. Araneta knows the consequences of his actions. If you need to make critical comments directed to a member of your organization, by all means do it in private. If you need to praise somebody from your team, then do it in public. His comments are not constructive at all and this is not the first time Mr. Araneta has gone public in expressing an in-house criticism. Its a simply a reflection of poor and insecure leadership.

  4. araneta was merely stating facts, na it really was "expected" with the star-studded line-up weiss ganda had. pag di nag qualify ang azkals nun kahit ganun kalakas ang line-up niya eh nakakahiya na siya at kailangan na talaga siyang itapon. so in short, he still doesn't think weiss deserves an extension. i agree with all the comments here that he should also concentrate on developing football sa grassroots level and also with the statements he made regarding the substitution, there are times na weiss ganda needs to sub player BUT HE DOESN'T kasi nga ENG-ENG na coach just like what he did to angel nung binugbog na siya ng mga arabo baka saka niya lang i-sub si angel pag nabali na ang paa. but on those last two games, THERE WAS NO NEED TO SUB anyone kasi ang ganda panoorin ng laro. WALANG SUPERSTAR BWAKAW MENTALITY NA SUMISIRA SA BUILD UP PLAY PAG NAPUNTA SA KANYA ANG BOLA. it's obvious he meant dapat pinalaro si cheapy with that substitution statement of his! boo!
    or baka gusto niya matulad sa nangyari dati na 10minutes na lang panalo na tayo eh pinasok si GURANG GENER! ayun! natalo pa tayo! na pressure siguro si head kots ng mga LOCAL assistant kots na magpasok ng LOCAL player kaya ayun.

    1. baka nga cguro may alitan si malaking mukha Araneta at si coach. Parang nag palitan ng mga bomba eh. hahaha. si ang condition sa Rizal at si Araneta naman ang substitution. hahaha. mag boxing nalang sana sila para may extra entertainment. hahahaa

    2. Prove your point Mr. Araneta. Just go ahead and start coaching the Philippine Team. Do you think you can do a better job?