27 March 2013

AFC Challenge Cup finals in Maldives

AFC Challenge  Cup finals in Maldives from 8.to 23. March 2014

Qualified teams :

Maldives (host)

Winner qualify for 2015 Asian Cup

The matches are not on FIFA match days,which could make it difficult for some of the foreign based Azkals players to participate.....


  1. all tough opponents....what can cause us headaches will be that the final round is again not on fifa match days...so our best squad won't be available like this time esspecially Schrocky which will have bundesliga duties then again....and as we stuggled with ou best players vs. Turkmenistan than you can imagine how this battle in the Maledives will be....for sure they will also show up with a stronger squad and try to win it (twice runner -up)...also Palestine is a team to watch out...they improved a lot and got good results recently....yesterday they beat Malaysia 2-0 (on Malaysian turf)...so all teams are not so easy to play....except maybe of Bangladesh which is probably the weakest of all eight remaining teams....but with a big portion of luck and skill this challenge cup can be won....

  2. once again in shit due to over reliance of aboard players.
    its about time the local league turn professional so that we can have a balance.
    too bad most of us like the idea of foreign base players just like the fat bastard palami..
    until want to compete in president cup also clubs need to borrow players from other team.
    a complete disgrace might as well close UFL and just choose foreign base players.

    1. what is always the problem with our oversea players? we can be lucky that we have them. it's crap to close the ufl....our young locals getting better now by playing in the ufl and training with the euro based ones....they are just not on that level....and apart from it: there are numerous countries whose starting eleven plays completely abroad (and they have also their domestic league and nobody consider to close it)and nobody makes an issue about it.....maybe a filipino only problem again?

    2. local development.....

  3. First of all, all of the top football countries have a good number of their best players playing abroad. That's just the way it is because top clubs will always pay for top talent. And France or Japan with half their football players don't have a problem with it. Yes, we might tend to rely on overseas players too much, we use them when we can, but now more than ever, the home based talents can step up. We have a deep bench. If the europe players are there, great. If not, we know that the league has provided us with unprecedented depth in the squad. I believe we'll get by.

    As much as it were the ideal case, nobody here locally would be able to afford best europe players even if they wanted to. Etheridge earns more money in a month than the highest paid PBA players, just by benchwarming. Schrock probably earns even more. They also probably have an advantage when playing in european leagues since their dual citizenship allows a team to sign them as locals and not have them count against foreigner caps. They raise the play of football in this country.

  4. I dont think Schrock , Lucena and Patino will be going to Maldives

  5. Jonny, why wouldn't Schrock, Lucena and Patino be there?

    1. They are playing AFC Challenge Cupfinals on FIFA match days ,I dont think clubs will release them.