14 December 2011

UFL - Div 2

Div 2 teams :

Dolphins United FC
Manila -All Japan
Lions FC
Sunken Garden United FC
Union Manila
Agila FC (new)
Cebu Queen City United FC (new)
Diliman FC (new)
Forza FC (new)
Laos FC (new)
Pachanga FC (new)
Team Socceroo FC (new)

Pasargad , Stallion FC and Nomads promoted to Div 1


  1. Teams to watch in 2nd Div > Pachanga, Dilliman, Cebu QCUFC, Laos, Team Socceroo FC. Who many slots are available for promotion to 1st div, 2?

  2. Cebu? I doubt they will be top 3. They have players that are over the top, and they really need to do something with their lineup. 2 slots is available for promotion. Pachanga will be one of them. Laos is also a strong team if Palami decides to keep the current squad and even beef it up.