26 December 2011

‎2011/12 UFL League 2nd Division venue

  • Turf BGC, the artificial grass field near Mercato in Bonifacio, is almost ready

    Source : UFL Facebook


  1. Nice. Sana gawing aftificial pitch ang RMS at UMAK para mas lalo pang gumanda ang laro at ma-improve ang passing(short) ng mga players dito.

    Ano na ba ang nagyari sa GOAL project(artificial pitch funded by FIFA) ng PFF. Mukhang nakalimutan na. Malaki-laki rin yung fund na iyon.

  2. To the anonymous above me...

    Artificial pitches are frowned upon by footballers around the world. Nakakahiya kung gawing artificial pitch ang MAIN NATIONAL STADIUM natin.

    I'm assuming that Div 1 will still play in real grass in RMS.

    Yung GOAL project, gagamitin daw sa ULTRA. Gagawing training ground daw ang ULTRA para hindi masyadong magdeteriorate ang damo sa RMS.

  3. Oh man, the fields in Philippines are crappy as hell. Hard, nothing reminds of a real field like in Europe, where its soft, and actual green, with grass all over the field. They dont know how to maintain fields in the Philippines. I mean, look at the festivals/tournaments and so on. Even the UFL only use 2-3 fields for all the games, and thats not healthy for the quality of the fields.

    Lets see how this artificial turf will do. Even if its fake grass, it can still be very similar to the real deal, but it also needs maintenance, if not money will go down the drain. There are many benefits of having an artificial turf, but there are cons as well. Some players cant stand playing on artificial turfs, and some are prone to injuries.

  4. @Anonymous 11:12 >If only grass is easy to maintain in this tropical climate.

  5. @3rd anonymous..
    why dont you try and transfer ur best european maintenance team here in the philippines.. let's see how good they can do in our tropical conditions.. grass deteriorate here naturally because of the sun unlike there in europe and its very hard to maintain.. so dont brag about your stupid pitch.. try considering the location first before you comment

  6. who made this turf? contractor? please let me know 09223764373