23 December 2011

FIFA World Ranking - Women`s NT back in ranking

FIFA Women`s World Ranking for December was released today.

Philippines Women`s NT ranked as 87 in the World.


30 Thailand + 2
31 Vietnam -
37 Myanmar -1
68 Indonesia
86 Laos
87 Philippines
88 Malaysia
97 Singapore

FIFA World Ranking


  1. Awesome!! Congratulations! Hope it keeps moving up from here.

  2. Let's get into the top 50 in 2012.

  3. ^^Not going to happen. They don't play enough and when they do play, they usually lose.

  4. It's true that they don't play ebough. I understand that the PFF and FIFA are going to put more money into the team and there is a new attitude towards the WNT at the PFF. There are enough players out there to put together a team that can beat Myanmar. The girls who are training full time in Manila should be able to beat Laos and Indonesia even without foreign based help. Anything less than being ranked 4th in AFF by this time next year would be a huge disappointment. Top 50 in FIFA is realistic but the PFF has to agree that it is worthwhile to committing the resources to achieve that goal. Without games there will be no ranking points. Without games, nobody from overseas will consider joining the WNT.

  5. ^^You're being a bit ignorant and flat out over the top!

    Myanmar, just like their men's team, is one of the best is SEA. Loas, unlike their men's team, is actually one the better teams in SEA as well. So saying that we should be ranked 4th in SEA by this time next year is just being ignorant and deluded. Same goes with the idea of being in the top 50 in the near future.

    It's against the likes of Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia (again unlike their men's team are one the weakest in SEA) where we are competitive.

  6. The last time the WNT played Laos it was an extremely disappointing tie. They should have won. They won't beat Myanmar this year unless they get foreign trained players to come. They will be 4th in SEA and top 50 in the world IF the PFF makes it a priority. Their new practice field will be a great start.

  7. ^^They can make it a priority all they want. It's just not going to happen in a single year!!

  8. foreign trained players???if only they will stay for a longer time so that they will be trained as a team....