03 December 2011

LA Galaxy triumphs!


December 3, 2011, 10:53pm

Manila, Philippines – The LA Galaxy led by star David Beckham, gave the Philippine Azkals a sample of that it means to be one of the best professional football clubs in North America with a 6-1 beating in the scheduled Dream Cup matchup held at the Rizal Memorial Stadium.

Beckham took the honors of making the first goal at the 20 minute mark and Mike Magee followed this up with another at the 38th minute of the first half.

Phil Younghusband however made the Azkals lone goal at the 39th minute to make it 2-1 by halftime.

However, everything changed in the second half as the Galaxy took charge and overwhelmed the tired boys of coach Hans Michael Weiss.

The other goals for the Galaxy came courtesy from Robbie Keanne, Adam Cristman and the retiring Gregg Berhalter.

Coach Weiss was however far from impressed on the showing of his boys. While the team did play sans stars such as Neil Etheridge, Stephan Shrock, Paul Mulders and Aly Borromeo, he believed that the team could have done better.

“I was extremely happy in the first half but extremely unhappy with the second half because we build up something and then we destroy it in a short period of time. Then we get a result like this which doesn’t reflect out fantastic performance in the first half” said Weiss.

On the absence of the Azkal’s key players, Weiss added: “It was a situation we knew before and it is like that. I am not crying about the ones not there and I will always support the ones who are here. But they have to follow more the strategy and the way we want to play and not think all of a sudden they have to play their own way.

The fairly sized crowd who came to watch the game included the likes of celebrities like Saranggani Rep. Manny Pacquiao (who was the beneficiary of Beckham's playing uniform in the second half), Dawn Zulueta, Angel Locsin and Mylene Dizon.

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  1. with or without the key players of Azkals , they still will not win. why don't Coach Weiss start to believe on the team that he is supposed to be training whether reserve players or key players.

    "But they have to follow more the strategy and the way we want to play and not think all of a sudden they have to play their own way."

    Why do you think this happens ??? whose fault is that ??? it just boils down to be a reflection of Coach Weiss style of handling the team or maybe the other way around.

    "Far from being impressed with the boys performance" is a damning comment from their own coach. As if your the greatest coach that can create magic and bedazzle the audience with a fight made in heaven , given your dream team.

    The fans are learning fast , they know the stand of our team , they don't expect much anymore , but it does not mean they don't believe that we as Filipino cannot make football happen in our country.

    As a football fan , I am impressed with the Azkals gallantry and courage to fight any game win or lose, and I wish they will have more games with the stars in the future...with a new coach.

    Note: I Saw Mayor Lim inside the stadium , he is a more important celebrity than the 3 girls mentioned after Manny Pacquio.

  2. the azkals lost steam after the first half... That seem to be they're lacking is the fitness. However, as expected from the Pros the Galaxy are, they looked like they could run all day. But it was a fun night regardless especially the first have. The Azkals faced legends of football that night; what an honour and unbelievable feeling that must have been for our Azkals. Becks legend in England/world, Keane a legend in Ireland, and Donovan a legend in American football. simply amazing..

  3. this should be the final game for Mr. Weiss, no more! he must resign now to keep a little respect for himself.

    Where is the tactical training he is doing??? poor guy, just resign man! Stop blaming players, coz you are not doing your job.

  4. For what the whole event was set to accomplish,it was a success for our football. At this point I don't want to offer any perspective of the game, that's back seat right now, 10 rows behind me. I am a mere prisoner-of-the-moment fan, and let me tell you, a lot of very good things will come out of this moment in our football history.

  5. its easy to judge in an armchair...poor coach weiss.. pati ba naman friendly titirahin padin sya.. gusto nyo ata sya na mismo maglaro.. just give him more time..

  6. To all who critic coach Weiss: did you really think the Azkals could compete 90 minutes with a total pro team? Imagine that most Filipino players are just 3rd or 4th class when it comes to international football. First half was ok, then they lost steam. That's when professionals play vs. amateurs. They can always shift one gear higher when it's neccessary. And who scores again? It was Phil who got a good education in football from Chelsea FC. Also the team lacks a bit discipline and are too far away from their opponent players which they have to guard. But that's also the difference between pros and amateurs. Just give the team team and let it develope over the years. For sure it will bear some fruits later on. And also don't expect the team will win the AFC challenge cup...I guess that fruit hangs a little bit too high (especially with the players who will take on the challenge).....they should give their best and lets see how it turns out.

  7. If those who comment really know football, they will understand where the current team is hanging. The coach has a big responsibility in changing the team, whether technical or tactical.
    Apparently no change at all, same thing is happening...
    Come on, don't be overwhelmed by the fame, be real, some people know good football also, not all of us are just fans.

  8. the thing is.. if people would call for coach weiss to be sacked then everything will go down the drain again, im just saying.. given the time he has worked on the azkals improvements can be seen..even if it is not seen in the WIN column...it doesnt mean that because we got booted out of the WC qualifier, there are no improvements,. people love it when they win and if they lose.. crabs are everywhere.. of course, we will lose to kuwait coz they are by far a better footballing country than us..but its a start..you cant expect them to win every game they play instantly, success is not overnight.. for example, when he did not subtituted in the kuwait game..its he's way of challenging his players that if your not good enough you will not play...then hopefully the lads will get this and train harder to impress him... for me the greatest contribution this batch of azkals have given to us is bringing the sport to where it is now.. giving a much awaited comeback of the worlds greatest game in our country.. happy national football day to all of you. from the day we beat vietnam (12.5.2011) - to the beckham and galaxy visiting us - its been a great year for Philippine football.. wouldnt you say? ~ futbolero7