01 December 2011

AFC Challenge Cup Draw !

Asian Football Confederation (AFC) held a draw ceremony for up-coming AFC Challenge Cup football tournament today at Hotel Soaltee crown Plaza, Tahachal.

Group A :

Nepal , Turkmenistan , Maldives and Palestine

Group B :

Philippines , India , Tajikistan and North Korea


9. March Philippines vs North Korea
11. March Philippines vs India
13. March Philippines vs Tajikistan

All matches take place in Nepal.


  1. we're gonna finally play north korea! hehe

  2. I hope Sabio doesnt get selected. Hes such a crappy player.

  3. Couple things here,

    Sabio's a very smart player, and he's a solid pick. He's not a shut down defender or an attacking winger, but he does his job, and he does it well.

    As for the group, it's unfortunate that we're stuck with perennial up and comer India and last year's surprise World Cup entry North Korea.

    I look at 3rd being realistic.

  4. ^^ group of death! And I mean death.......in the current stage & condition of the team I don't see any chance to make it to the semi finals. India weren't that bad at their AFC cup appearance in Qatar (even lost all matches) and North Korea was in South Africa last year....always hard to play (results are mostly like 1-0, 0-0, 1-1....strong defence). If we can't field out best squad (which I doubt as it's no FIFA callendar tournament so they won't get the ok from their clubs to leave) with all European players ....the chances are zero or below (pessimistic but realistic in my humble opinion)

  5. More than a 3rd place won't be possible, even that will be hard

  6. Hey what sabio smart? What the fuck are you toking about who is you fucking dealer? You must b jason sabio.

  7. ^^Like it or not, Sabio IS a decent defender.

  8. group of death and the current condition of the azkals, no training or whatsoever they will be dead last...but still im hoping to have an upset to unfold.......and sabio didnt met the expectation of a good defender.....hope that aly can play this time.....

  9. ^^Aly already confirmed during the press con for the LA Galaxy game that he'll be out for five more months which obviously means he'll miss the Challenge Cup.

  10. ^^ no one can as of now can replace him in his position...weiss should train the guys hard for this....and thanks for the info....