08 December 2011

Dennis Cagara , to Germany or Japan ?

Dennis Cagara has a contract with Danish Club Lyngby Boldklub until Dec 31, but dont know if he will get a new contract with the club. He is saying to Danish website Bold that his agent is also looking for a club in Germany (Div 2) or Japan (Div 1)

Pic : bold.dk


  1. Lots of pluses for the J-League:
    1. High level of football being played
    2. Good income
    3. Foreign player allocation is four -- good chance he can make it
    4. Best of all -- close to the Philippines!

  2. Japan please :)

    dammit jonny you read danish, not fair!! :)

  3. "Best of all -- close to the Philippines!"

    That's not really a plus as it doesn't make him anymore available for the national team than he is currently.

  4. Can you imagine the level of competiotn in DEnmark alone, if Cagara wont be renew by his club. Man, to me he really plays so good.