16 September 2011

UFL Cup draw !

Grp A
Nomads FC
Baguio FC
Union Internacional
Lions FC

Grp B
Loyola FC
Internazionale FC
Agila FC
Team Socceroo FC

Grp C
Global FC
Pachanga FC
Stallions FC
Cebu Queen City

Grp D
ABC Stars FC
Schwarz FC
Diliman Victory Liner FC

Grp E
Phil Navy
Manila All-Japan FC
Laos FC

Grp F
Green Archers United
Dolphins United FC
Pasargad FC
Forza FC

Grp G
Phil Army FC
Manhur FC
Sunken Garden FC
Garuda FC

Top two and two best third placed teams to Round of 16.


  1. How many time will they play against in a group? once or twice? will it be 6 games for each team in a group or just 3?(this is group stage)

  2. Group C...the group to watch...ang lakas!!! GLOBAL FC... the Best Team!!!

  3. Sayang walang Ceres - Bacolod, YUn ang inaabangan ko. Next year na lng sana.

  4. Probably just three group matches.

  5. It is a single-round robin format in group stage. Correct me if i'm wrong.