18 September 2011

Fulham friendly for Azkals ?

"The international friendlies will follow the global schedule of FIFA. There are 5 windows in the FIFA calendar for next year allowing for these types of competitions. The teams that the PFF will invite to play will include both national teams and international clubs. First on tap will be a team from either the Segunda Division B or the Tercera Liga of Spain’s La Liga. This match is being eyed for the first week of January. The next identified match will be in the first week of June, 2012 where an invitation to Fulham (among others) of the English Premier League is expected to be extended. These plans are in the initial stages and the PFF will release updated information when they become available."



  1. I wish whoever dreams up these fantasy football games would get real. The European football season has just started and it's unthinkable for teams like Fulham - or Real Madrid?!! - to leave their shores until at least June next year. They are also $$multimillion businesses and expect to be fully rewarded for friendlies.
    Not a hope in hell the PFF could afford to bring any Euro Premier League side to Manila, so let's stop conning the fans with this ridiculous speculation.

  2. To the above poster:

    Before you dismiss the idea, there are merits to this move.
    1. Just the talk of the idea generates buzz in the community -- great PR and marketing move whether or not it actually happens. If Fulham says no, that's perfectly fine. It's posturing and positioning to be taken seriously by the world football community.
    2. No premiership club has ever been to the RP, at least as far as I know. Think of the marketing, the roots, that Fulham sets in the RP if it's the first one. The jerseys they will sell. Think ten years from now. Not all moves and decisions are made for moneymaking in the short term.

    "expect to be fully rewarded" ? Everything is negotiable.

  3. Fair comment, xyz1000. Liverpool and Arsenal toured Asia pre-season and if other clubs have similar plans next summer it's certainly feasible to tempt them to Manila

    And as they say in showbiz: all publicity is good publicity.

  4. If organizers have the money, then they will come.

  5. First week of June 2012 is just not going to happen. The players will be in the middle of their vacation while others will be on international duty as the Euros are next year!