10 September 2011

Manhur FC win friendly

Manhur FC beat Union Internacional Manila 9-0 in a friendly on Thursday.

Manhur FC training Saturday, 130PM at the Xavier Football Field

Both teams will compete in upcoming UFL Cup.

Union Internacional Manila friendly against Japan FC at Ultra, Ortigas, Sunday 2:30 PM.


  1. Manhur or Manure? hehe

    And what happened to Union FC? Have changed to Union Internacional?

  2. I dont know what happened to Union FC , Union FC and Union Internacional Manila were two different teams.

    Manhur Fc and Union Internacional Manila will participate in next UFL Cup. Union FC will not.

  3. Wow! What a score! ManHur is really that strong? Who are their players? first time hearing this club hehe

  4. Ganyan ang mangyayari kapag ALL VISAYAN vs TAGALOG..wala naman talagang laban ang mga tagalog sa mga bisaya..ang tagalog puro lang yabang at pagandahan ng mga KITS...yang ang katutuhanan

  5. so all visayan ang Manhur? lakas!

  6. meh. union internacional are weak to begin with especially since they're not the original union fc. so its no surprise they got raped in a pre-season friendly.

    get manhur (manure) to play against one of the more notable teams like a kaya or a global fc and lets see if they'll still win, let alone win by a margin that big... highly doubtful.

  7. Funny how all the people posting against Manhur here went anonymous.

    Manhur FC is a new team, yes. And you're right, they won't win against Kaya or Global by that margin, they might not win at all. But that's because they're not aiming for 1st Division anyway.

    And it's Manhur (pronounced as Man-hur) not manure. I don't think that's how you spell the cow dung at all.

  8. meron din mga tagalog players ang ManHur, though most of the players are from the visayas region. Well rounded ang Manhur. Open to all players who are committed play competently, at the same time have fun and enjoy the camaraderie.
    Indeed, I'd like to see my mates play the notable teams and see how they fare. Let the games tell the tale, not the blabbering.
    Go ManHur!