22 September 2011

Friendly Philippines vs Nepal - Tickets

Philippines vs. Nepal Friendly on October 11 :

Match tickets available for sale via TicketWorld starting October 1.

Lower Grandstand Center P3,000

Upper Grandstand Center P2,000

Lower Grandstand Side P1,500

Upper Grandstand Side P1,000

White (Center) Bleachers P500

Blue (Side) Bleachers P300

Green (Side) Bleachers P300

Higher ticket prices for a friendly against Nepal than a World Cup qualifier against Kuwait !!


  1. Hi Jonny. First of all, thank you for providing a useful venue for news and information on Philippine Football. I am a regular follower of your site.

    Yes - the bleacher ticket prices are up a little. I hope you also noticed that we reduced the prices for 2 sections of the grandstand - lower grandstand side (from P3,000 to P1,500) and upper grandstand side (P2,000 to P1,000). Over-all, our ticket revenues will be lower by roughly 10% because of the price adjustments.

    We do need these revenues to continue to support the PFF's various programs. All of the funds that the PFF receives is plowed back to support our various national teams, conduct tournaments, fund development programs for coaches, officials and administrators, run grassroots development programs and construct and upgrade facilities.

    The PFF receives minimal support from government and relies on corporate sponsors, international organizations, individual donations, fees from marketing rights, merchandising and yes - ticket revenues to fund the aforementioned programs.

    As of the end of August, the PFF has spent P86 million for these programs. We will never be able to reach our maximum potential in the sport without sustaining funds. We have tried to be resourceful in raising funding given minimal government support.

    The PFF's financial records are available for examination and are audited by our external auditors.

    I hope that you will appreciate our efforts and not take against us our efforts to raise funding. The PFF leadership has taken the necessary steps to professionalize the organization to solidify the gains that have been made. We admit we probably do not publicize our efforts enough but we have chosen to let our work speak for us. I hope that will not be misconstrued as trying to hide something. We do what we do for the love of the game and nothing else.

    It is our hope that when the current PFF administration's term ends in November, we would have done enough to institutionalize professionalism and accountability within the organization so that we do not revert to the personality-driven and short-term thinking organization that it previously was. Until then, we will do our best despite the many doubters and the distractions that we have come to face. After that, we will hand over to the next administration a PFF which we hope people will see as a significantly better federation than the one we inherited when we took over less than a year ago.

  2. Bonnie,

    I would like to commend the current administration of the PFF and the volunteers including yourself on the outstanding work that has been done so far, in the short time since the new administration took over. It is so refreshing to see how much progress has been made, compared to the stagnation that has been prevalent for so long in Philippine football.

    I think I can speak for most of us football supporters and fans, in saying that we fully understand the rationale behind the need to raise revenues in friendly games for the federation. This is how most football federations worldwide fund their various programs, which unfortunately we did not take advantage of in the past. If anything, the ticket prices you have mentioned are quite reasonable compared to those of other countries including those from our SEA neighbors.

    We hope that the current degree of professionalism demonstrated by the PFF, and its various members and volunteers, which has elicited positive comments from neutral observers in football organizations abroad continues and that you personally continue your role as a volunteer in the organization when the next administration takes over in November.

  3. CJ's comments must be echoed by foreign aficionados like me who never believed the new PFF admin could rescue football from the stagnation and opaqueness of the past.

    Bravo, Bonnie! Thank You and all like you.

  4. a.k.a. Paul Torino !

  5. who is bonnie and paul?