14 September 2011

Jake Cuenca signs for Team Socceroo Fc

Jake Cuenca signs for Team Socceroo Fc. Team Socceroo will play in UFL Cup.

Team Socceroo FC Facebook and Lockerz.com


  1. wow,that's great,dagdag sa pampasikat ng football sa PInas,,alam ko may background sa football si Jake,good luck Jake

  2. im pinay and love my football! i live in australia and its great to see football is growing in the philippines. im really hoping the azkals will make it to the AFC Asian Cup in 2015 to play here in Oz. that would be something special! btw, do you know that Australia's national team's name is the 'Socceroos' (http://bit.ly/nKRGtD).. wonder what they'll have to say about Team Socceroo FC? hehehe