08 September 2011

Friday : AFF U19 Philippines 1-1 Singapore

Philippines will play first match against Singapore in ASEAN (AFF) U-19 Championship in Myanmar.

Match start at 15.30 in Youth Training Centre in Yangon.

Next matches :

11. September vs Cambodia
15. September vs Thailand
17. September vs Malaysia


Update :

Philippines red card in 17th min

Philippines score in 38 min leading 1-0 !

Joseph S. Bellezon scored.

HT result : Philippines 1-0 Singapore

Second half start :

Singapore red card in 50 min

Singapore score in 85 min

Philippines 1-1 Singapore FT

Malaysia 0-0 Cambodia


  1. Laban Pilipinas!!!

  2. kawawa nanaman Pilipinas,.,tatambakan nanaman kagaya nang U-16,.,.,as expected

  3. lol. Philippines has someone sent off in the 17th minute. 25 mins have past still 0-0.

  4. Against the run of play, Philippines scores the opening goal, 37th minute.

  5. 10 man team from 17th min and result is 1-1 against Singapore. Hell YES!!!! Nice one team

  6. Good Job Team Musang!!! Laban PILIPINAS!!!

  7. Philippine very good at this game with singapore, because they only played with 10 players from the 17th minute, this is an opportunity for the team as primary disadvantages Philippines, Singapore or Brunei accumulated experience. But achieving good results in this tournament is not ideal. They are too weak to reach out their territory to compete with Cambodia, Laos.

  8. U19 philippine too weak to participate in this tournament, I think phlippine, Singapore, Timor, Brunei DS to play a qualifying round before the tournament and then select only one more team to participate in this tournament, it boosts laugh when they rock the ball worth just for the other teams such as Laos, Vietnam, Thailand set to rock the purpose of improving physical and tactical skills.