12 September 2011

Global FC sign Japanese Midfielder

Global Fc has signed Japanese midfielder Yu Hoshide.

Yu has played for clubs in USA , Trinidad & Tobago and India.

Yu also became the first Japanese to take part and score in the CONCACAF Champions League with number 10 on his back.

He played for Global FC in the friendly against Azkals in Bacolod on Saturday




  1. Global FC is very aggressive on player signing. I like that. I want to see other clubs do the same.Global FC and Loyola FC will be the big boys this year

  2. Kaya FC, kaya nyo ba tapatan sila?

  3. Kaya FC is more on pa-pogi. Kawawa mga pinoy dun. They are receiving low salary compared to those who are fil-foreign or foreigners. I think pinoy players who left the team were receiving 4k per month. There should be salary cap for the players. These pinoys can play too!

  4. ^^Survival of the strongest yan. If you are good enough, then you stay and get a good pay.
    Kung di ka makuha ng Global, i di hanap ka ng ibang team and prove your worth.

    This is a step higher by UFL to becoming a premier professional league.

  5. "Global FC is very aggressive on player signing."

    What do you expect? You got a millionaire owner in Palami and he's making use of his own fortune. Global and even Loyola are now like the Man. City of the Philippines.

    "This is a step higher by UFL to becoming a premier professional league."

    They wouldn't know professional even if it hit them in the face. Their perception of professionalism is, get a significant enough sponsor for a team, attach sponsor name to the club name and voila... you're magically professional.

  6. They've proven their worth sa Kaya that's why they were/are included in the line up! Pero maliit pa rin bigay sa kanila because they are pinoys. alam kaya ng sponsor nila na ganun ang sweldo ng full blooded pinoy players ng Kaya? (except full blooded pinoys who are Azkals)

  7. How do you guys know what each player earns?!? It's absolute BS to sit there and say why this or that player is only earning this much while that other player earns more when nobody knows the exact figures. Unless you are an official within the team or ufl or whatever but I highly doubt that!

  8. The word is out, players talk and its true that filipinos from abroad get big bucks, while local players dont get paid as much. Guirado for instance gets 250k plus a car and a house for playing for Global, and the locals get only a max of 10-15k, thats for Global. Now imagine how much the other players in other clubs gets, and the other clubs arent that wealthy. Is that fair? Even those flying in from abroad, that arent any better than the local guys on the azkals gets paid way more.

    There should be a salary cap, if not, the huge wages will be the death of the league. There are only 2-3 teams that pays big bucks, and the rest dont. In a few years if the other corporate sponsors dont shell out the money for players, it will be a league where only 2-3 teams will fight for the trophies, and the rest will be way behind the top 2-3 teams.

    UFL is becoming a fully professional league, with only 2-3 fields, and playing pro means that players should make a decent living out of playing football. Making below 10k a month isnt decent living. Thats not attractive. If a salary cap isnt there, then in a few years the UFL will be full of foreign players taking up the spots of the local talents because some of the foreign players, like africans will take not a really high salary, but decent salaries and better players from abroad will be the solution to the UFL teams, meaning that the local talents will be left out to play festival and whatnots.

    I dont have anything against that the UFL is moving progressively to becoming a fully professional league, but there are certain things that they should be aware of.

  9. "Guirado for instance gets 250k plus a car and a house for playing for Global,"

    In cases like this, what the hell do you expect?!? Guirado is a fully pro footballer that was playing Spain! Sure, he was only playing lower league footy but you would still expect him to earning a significant amount. Now that he's made a significant step backwards in terms of the level of football by signing for a Filipino club, you would at least expect him to continue to earn a significant amount!

    And on a general note, Philippine football is of a low standard and is only semi-pro at best. So again, what the hell are you gonna expect locals to be earning from football?!? Philippine football is not yet at the stage where a player, specifically locals can say that they'll be able to pay the bills and put food on the table by playing football.

    All your complaints and everyone else that has similar thoughts, it's pretty much a non-issue at this point in time. It really is!!

  10. To the guy who is complaining about the salary of someone's alleged contract signing, that's the reality of professional football. Team owner's discretion yan. Pasalamat na lang tayo at nagsimula na ganyang deals sa local football. If you can play like Messi, then I will recommend you to MVP for 500k a month.LOL!

  11. As long as the Beautiful Game is progressing here in the Philippines, then let us all be grateful. Let us also take good care of the grassroots, as this will be the future of Philippine Football. Mabuhay ang Philippine Football!