07 September 2011

SEA Games provisional 35-man list

Complete provisional 35-man list for 2011 SEA Games :

1. Jason de Jong (MF)
2. Neil Etheridge (GK)
3. Manuell Ott (MF)
4. Patrick Hinrichsen (MF)
5. OJ Porteria (F)
6. Mark Drinkuth (MF)
7. Jacques van Bossche (D)
8. James Hall (MF)
9. Roland Mueller (GK)
10. Paolo Pascual (GK)
11. Yannick Tuason (F)
12. Mario OJ Clarino (F)
13. David Basa (D)
14. Deo Segunial (D)
15. Mark Hartmann (MF)
16. Matthew Hartmann (MF)
17. Jingoy Valmayor (F)
18. Reymark Fernandez (D)
19. Stephen Permanes (MF)
20. Christopher Camcam (GK)
21. Neckson Leonara (D)
22. Francis Gustilo (MF)
23. Romeo Martinez (F)
24. Vincent Braga (MF)
25. Joshua Beloya (F)
26. Joven Bedic (MF)
27. Aldrin Dolino (MF)
28. Jake Morallo (MF)
29. Lemuel Unabia (D)
30. Jerry Barbaso (D)
31. Marwin Angeles (MF)
32. Marvin Angeles (MF)
33. Jeffery Christiaens (F)
34. Angelo Verheye (MF)
35. Carli (D)

Thanks to Cedelf Tupas


  1. Simon Greatwich is missing , he was supposed to be the U23 captain.

  2. Who else should have been added to this provisional list ? Who will dropped in the final 20-man list ?

  3. I guess all the US based players couldn't confirm yet, so they weren't included.

  4. It seems that none of the US NCAA players could confirm, so they weren't included in the provisional list. As I mentioned before in another forum, the NCAA will still be ongoing in October and their availability will depend upon whether they will reach the conference final of their respective leagues and how far their respective teams make it in the NCAA tournament proper.

  5. 31. Marwin Angeles (MF)
    32. Marvin Angeles (MF) - huh?!

  6. ah, that's w and v! haha my bad! :P

  7. Gino Pavone should have been in this list!

  8. Marwin and Marvin Angeles are two twin brothers :) They are fil-italians who played for Laos FC (Leyte) in PFF Smart Club Championship.

  9. 33. Jeffery Christiaens (F) (not defender)

  10. The Azkals and Malditas both have the same problems getting players out of the USA NCAA. The NCAA is nor affiliated with FIFA so there is no obligation to release players. They are available from December to August, studies permitting. Sometimes they can go to the SEA Games depending on when they are scheduled.

  11. Marwin Angeles is a great player ! We want you back in Italy at Mogliano !!!