25 March 2011

Limpag: Let’s all have fun, fans

IF YOU are looking for updates or my take on the Bangladesh game, I’m sorry to disappoint you, you won’t find it here.

I usually write my columns 48 hours before deadline, so I won’t give the hardworking sports editor any fits and last night’s game was just a tad too late. (I could’ve stretched the deadline and rushed a piece, but I’m afraid the sports ed would hit a homer off my head if I get 11 minutes late.)

But I hope, the Azkals won against Bangladesh last night, and I hope they make it to the Challenge Cup final stage. (They won, 3-0. —Editor)

By the way, since the Feb. 9 game in Bacolod, I’ve encountered the “bandwagon fans vs. real fans” argument a few times already and I always say one thing, there shouldn’t be any distinction among the fans.

How they come to love the Azkals shouldn’t be a factor.

And if they are more enamored with certain players than the team, well, that shouldn’t be held against them in the same way that Justin Bieber fans shouldn’t be faulted for liking Justin Bieber, right?

But considering how this argument keeps propping every now and then, this is going to be a regular treat in football talks.

Some of the arguments are quite serious—why Pinoys are suddenly into football because of the Azkals—while some, are somewhat hilarious, especially when one fan questions another’s right to comment on stuff by asking, “How long have you been a football fan?”

So are bandwagon fans bad for the sport?

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  1. RP Futbol fans, whether bandwagon or hardcore fans should not matter as long as they support the growth of futbol in the country. Futbol should be inclusive to all. I can't really blame the bandwagon fans because for the longest time they were kept in the dark and unexpose to worldfootball, with the national media heavily favoring basketball for decades. Neverthless it is "all good". Life time pinoy footy fans who have been waiting for this day welcomes all new comers to the "beautiful game".

  2. it got my attention seeing a piece about football written by certain Limpag of Cebu. I once had a football player in Polomolok by the name of Max Limpag and he was a great defensive player in my team and we did play couple of times in some tournaments there and actually won. well, if he is this author now then i'd say he has the credentials to intellectually write on this matter because he knows the game and played the game as well. one thing in this country why football seems to go on a snails' pace is because of some who criticize the game but have no iota of information about the game itself. we have some sports commentators recently during the azkals game but have no idea at all on what they are saying ( imagine a free kick being referred to as three points shot hehehe) the game football will eventually take its place in our midst because of the advancement of technology...not only because of what azkals did, but mostly due to availability of live games and expert comments we see in cable tv..young kids today are now more exposed to these games and also the proliferation of soccer enthusiast starting grass root football wherever they maybe found. Unlike other sports, soccer once learned at a young age, it becomes part of you forever and not just a passing fancy that's why it is considered as the most famous and widely played sport in the world. hey max if you're this, do contact me...sige manko adto cebu, kita ta didto bay.

  3. "in the same way that Justin Bieber fans shouldn’t be faulted for liking Justin Bieber, right?"


    it will be hard to grow football in PH if the older fans act like this to the newer fans. they should welcoming the newer fans and try to promote the game to the other.

  4. "But we can’t be annoyed by any trend, right? I mean, look at Facebook. Are the guys who were the original Facebookers saying, “What the crap are you all doing in FB right now?”"

    What the hell kind of comparison is this?!? Fucking idiot this guy. I swear, Sun Star has the most idiotic of writers when it comes to football... the Villaflors and the Limpags of Sun Star... FFS!!!

  5. What's with the argument about having fans? No fans, no sport. It's as simple as that. As long as the commentators and sports writers have knowledge of the game it's fine. Let the fans join in. There's no argument there.

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  7. Just read the comments.

    To anonymous 1, Max Limpag is my brother. If you coached him, that means you and I must have met years ago. Please contact me at mikelimpag@gmail.com.

    To anonymous 2. It's too bad that you couldn't get the comparison, but let me quote a portion in my column.

    "Sure, there are annoying new fans who feel superior but there are annoying people who feel superior everywhere and the best way to deal with them is to ignore them and not be affected by them."

    Again, "...but there are annoying people who feel superior everywhere..."

    You're annoying, but I won't ignore you. I've posted my e-mail, if you have something to say against me, e-mail me.

    Unless, of course, you're only brave enough to offer your opinion when you can hide behind anonymity in a comments section of a blog?

    Mike Limpag.

    Keep up the good work Johnny!