29 March 2011

2014 FIFA World Cup Asian Qualifiers

Kuala Lumpur: The four draws taking place in the AFC House on March 30 will be streamed live on the-afc.com.

The live webcast will start at 1000 hours (GMT +8) with the AFC U-16 Championship qualifiers draw while AFC U-19 Championship qualifiers draw will take place at 1200 hours.

The 2012 London Olympics Asian qualifiers Round 2 draw will be held at 1500 hours while 2014 FIFA World Cup Asian qualifiers Round 1 and Round 2 draws will take place at 1600 hours.

Apart from the live webcast, simultaneous live updates will also be provided on the-afc.com



  1. We can be drawn against any of the following:

    28 Malaysia
    29 Afghanistan
    29 Cambodia
    31 Nepal
    32 Bangladesh
    33 Sri Lanka
    33 Vietnam
    35 Mongolia
    36 Pakistan
    37 Palestine
    38 Timor-Leste
    39 Macau
    40 Chinese Taipei
    40 Myanmar
    42 Laos

    We're ranked joint 42 with Laos, due to our non-participation in the last world cup qualifiers, i believe. Hopefully, we don't get drawn against a relatively stronger side

  2. I'd love for us to be drawn against Bangladesh again...

  3. wild guess. macau. i'll bet my house.lol

    other countries are wary of us as well, primarily because we are on the rise. but all other teams can be beaten by the azkals on a good day, even malaysia. although we're hoping to be drawn with the weakest in the lot.

  4. Sri Lanka vs Phils

  5. And Thailand in the second round if you defeat Sri Lanka.

  6. Kuwait drew with Jordan just recently, 1 all.

  7. i hope Malaysia and Philippines can qualify to the 3rd round

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