11 June 2021

Philippines 3-0 Guam



  1. It's a win of course -with Guam a very "barangay Like" team who cant play football. They should have scored more goals but the World All stars still lack quality. The low level fans think other wise. Philippine Football is a joke

    1. These "world all stars" as you put it ate still currently way better than homegrown players! Even the "phenom" Gayoso as the media describes him looks out out place! It was a shit performanpce against Guam but these are still the some of best players we have whether anyone likes i5 or not!

    2. Anonymous12 June 2021 at 19:03 the best for the fans but nightmare for the locals who dreams of playing in azkals. It is not developement it is shorcut method. we may have recruited many european pinoys bu tnond of them are playing in the tip tier league like English premier league, Seria A, Ligue 1, Spanish primera liga . all of them are in 2nd division or 3rd dvision league including Thai league a third tier compared to J1. Remember this players are outcast in their motherland and they come to us because they were not chosen or many are better than them. Japan, South Korea and Australia are the cream of the srop in Asia because they have players playing in europe's division 1. And besides, we can brag all the azkals world all stars but we have ni trophy to show we are at par with Indonesia, malaysia, thailand and Vietnam.

    3. "but nightmare for the locals"

      How? If they have aspirations of being part of the national team, they need to be better. Lots of people have dreams, some of those will never come true. That's fact! In the case of homegrown players, you don't randomly accommodate them just because they have dreams of being part of the national team. It doesn't work that way.

      "bu tnond of them are playing in the tip tier league like English premier league"

      So what? Is that the only standard of bringing in non homegrown players to the national team? That's a lazy argument.

      What makes you say they're "outcasts"??? That's just another lazy argument. That's why the PFF is looking towards these countries. Their football is developed, thus have so many players in multiple leagues that comprise an entire football pyramid. Just because a certain player doesn't end up playing in a certain country's national team doesn't mean they're "outcasts".

      "but we have ni trophy to show we are at par with Indonesia, malaysia, thailand and Vietnam."

      Even if the national team won the Suzuki Cup, it still won't show that we're at par with the countries you've named. But that's not the point. It's about being able to be much more competitive and create some form of standards as to what level you need to be part of the national team. Otherwise the double digit defeats will return! Those are still prevalent for the youth teams, or at least close to double digit defeats.

    4. I think we need to balance the line up . Not all foreign born and not mainly locals but a mix of them. But what is happening now in an Football fan page is the fans is posting more and more foreign players that need to be inserted in the line up without looking for some locals to join. Those people who want a winning line up is dreaming because we are not also developing our own. As long as we cant recruit an outstanding player from a first division in europe we will remain under china, vietnam and thailand.

  2. I remember a former azkal (from USA), told me that I use the colonial tounge because I'm french and I told him that the PFF must develops the formation than always looking for fil-foreigners. In fact, this is him the colonialist who stoles the place of a "real" filipino player. The NT are there for show the football level in the country, if the level is really poor with homegrown players it's because the team merits it then the federation must does something. The azkals get better results… but ZERO pride. If some filipino fans like that, does like Timor Leste and give the nationality to brasilian players. The USA-like formation with schools (UAAP, NCAA) isn't the solution, now it's the same for the n°1 sport in the country (look at the last results on WC). Formation takes time, not give impressive results quickly but shows the real football level in the country. For me, I prefer see the NT loses with pride than wins with shame. Because in fact, this NT is a cheat.