22 October 2014

UFL FA League Cup : Manila All-Japan 20-0 Dolphins United

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Dolphins United starting IX

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Manila All-Japan starting XI

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Pics from UFL Twitter

Manila All-Japan had to beat Dolphins United with 15-0 to get the last quarterfinal spot in their group, if not Team Socceroo advanced to the quarterfinal . They won 20-0 against Dolphins United...

Dolphins United fielded only 9 players from start in this match , even though in their previous UFL matches they had 5 or 6 subs.

10 min 1-0 Noda
11 min 2-0 Noda
21 min 3-0 Noda
23 min 4-0 Noda
28 min 5-0 Kue
29 min 6-0 Kobayashi
30 min 7-0 Nida
35 min 8-0 Walohan
36 min 9-0 Kamon
38 min 10-0 Kamon
39 min 11-0 Noda
41 min 12-0 Kamon
43 min 13-0 Kobayashi
45 min 14-0 Kobayashi
14-0 HT
46 min 15-0 Kobayashi
49 min 16-0 Kobayashi
50 min Dolphins down to 7 men on the field...
53 min 17-0 Mantuan
55 min 18-0 Noda
56 min 19-0 Walohan
58 min 20-0 Kobayashi
62 mins Dolphins are down to 6 men , match is called off

Seems that many foreigners been betting on this match, many major betting companies had odds .

Update :

Team Socceroo has contacted UFL and want a investigation.


  1. The score itself is a mockery on the state of football in the country..

  2. this is a big test if UFL will do anything onthis matter. shame on the losing team. that scoreline shows you either dont deserve to play in a pro league or you're stupidly involved in match fixing. dapat suspendehin yan.

  3. hindi pa fully pro league ang UFL pero mukhang may mga mafia na ang bawat laro. tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk,...

  4. Russian mafia I think is involved as well as gambling rings in Malaysia and Singapore!

  5. Ha ha mukang isang lapad ang bayad

  6. bakit wala ang mga foreign players ng dolphins weird

    1. Nadeport ata eh. Tapos maraming mga walang regular players. Actually may nalate na players dalawa sila (isang goalie) pero hindi na pinayagan ng match commissioner kasi late 10 minutes before the game dumating kasi traffic galing pa sa ASCOM nagturo ng football sa mga bata. Yung isang player may sakit, yung dalawa nasa trabaho. Yung mga RTU players nila nasa tournament sa Ilo-ilo. Kaya wag sabihin na binenta ang laro. May mga work din yung mga players para sa daily life nila kaya ayun.

  7. it's the club's fault for joining a tournament it can't fully commit on.