01 September 2014

Palestine NT training at Rizal Memorial Stadium

Palestine National team was training at Rizal Memorial stadium Monday.

From Palestine FA website :

 players are: Ramzi Saleh, Tawfiq Ali, Abdul Latif Albhadara, Ahmed Harbi, Abdulsalam Swairki, Moses Abudzr, Raed Fares, Hossam Abusaleh, Khader Yousef, Abdul Hameed Abuhabib.
It is scheduled to be completed by the arrival of the mission 3 players were accompanied by Olympic team in their preparations for the championship of the masters they Abdullah Jaber, Ahmed Maher, Musa Hilal, in addition to the enrollment of Hisham al-Salihi, and the player Javier Miralles professional ranks in Vitoria Sutebal Portuguese.
The player Tamer fasting has apologized for enrollment in the squad because of its particular situation private on the death of his father, and it was an apology Haitham Dib related to the conditions of his work, also prevented the injury all of Imad Zatara and Alkisas Nassar of Althakhma Balfdaúa, and with respect to Ashraf Numan cause of not joining linked Btahirth Saudi Arabia, which issued for once, and the European Union and Saudi club Al Faisaly bear the responsibility for that, either player Murad Ismael shall bear the responsibility for not joining the private did not appear that the reasons for this.
Immediately after the arrival of the technical team conducted a light training session on the pitch, "Rizal Memorial Stadium," with the aim of hospitalization after a long journey to travel, and re-state players for the mental and physical natural, before going to a training session o


  1. Google translated from Arabic..

  2. Palestine arriving Manila with just 10-11 players ! Waiting for three U23 players and a Palestine-Paraguyan