29 September 2014

Azkals to play Malaysia

Malaysia FA website confirm that Azkals will play Malaysia in a away friendly on October 11

The friendly will be played at 8.45 pm at Shah Alam Stadium in Selangor

FAM website link

This is the third friendly against Malaysia this year , the first two matches have ended 0-0


  1. Replies
    1. Y not?
      Azkals have play global many times too..

    2. what kind of logic is that?!

      "it's good to play malaysia in a friendly for the third time in a calendar because the team always plays global in a friendly as well".


    3. You should view 04:01 comments as an insult.

  2. pa ulit ulit nlng

  3. i dont see anything wrong with it. if we are looking for more international exposure and malaysia steps forward, sino ba tayo para tumanggi?