20 September 2014

Pachanga lineup for UFL League Cup

Pachanga PLDT Home Fibr FC Lineup for United Football League Philippines Cup 2014:
Head Coach: Yuki Matsuda (JAP)
16 CABUG, Raffy (PH)
03 CLARIÑO, Randolfo (PH)
24 CUTAMORA, Jason (PH)
23 GADIA, Daniel (PH)
06 GONZALES, Andres (PH)
77 DASTJERDI, Shayan (IRA)
10 HAMED, Hajimahdi (IRA)
17 BEHROUZ, Khozshgavar (IRA)
21 LEUNG, Jerome (PH)
09 LEE, Jeong Woo (KOREA)
15 MUROS, Niño (PH)
11 OCTAVIO, Nathan (PH)
20 PARK, Yi Young (KOR)
19 PERMANES, Stephen (PH)
08 RANCES, John Edward (PH)
04 SIAMAZGI, Khosro (IRA)
18 SALENGA, Paolo (PH)
07 SANTIAGO, Andrew (PH)
22 SANTOS, Andoni (PH)
25 SANTOS, Primo (PH)
05 SOLTANI, Mehdi (IRA)
12 VALMAYOR, Gerardo (PH)
01 VILLANUEVA, Nathaniel (PH)

Make your way to Rizal Stadium to support the boys as they face Ceres FC, 8PM today! (September 20, 2014)
Think you got what it takes to score a penalty kick shot? One PDFC fan will be lucky enough to represent the team and get a chance to win up to 10,000php!!
*Free tickets to the first 200 PDFC supporters.
*Pls contact 09177062557 for details

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