20 September 2014

Ceres FC drubs Pachanga in UFL FA League Cup opener

Jaelle Nevin Reyes

Ceres FC photo from UFL
Ceres FC photo from UFL

MANILA, Philippines - Ceres-La Salle FC racked up a commanding 4-0 score against Pachanga-Diliman FC to bring home their first win in the United Football League FA League Cup at the Rizal Memorial Football Stadium on Saturday, September 20.
To officially start their campaign as a full-pledged division 1 team in the country’s premier league, Ceres-La Salle FC went on the attack to show off their football quality, sending attack after attack deep into the Pachanga-Diliman FC territory.
On the other side, Pachanga FC was brewing an attack of their own but their several outbursts were foiled by the active defense of Ceres FC.
Meanwhile, after knocking on the door of Pachanga for numerous occasions in the dying minutes of the first half, Ceres finally broke the silence and scored two consecutive goals courtesy of Orman Okunaiya in the 38th minute and Adrian Gallardo on the 39th. Ceres led Pachanga going into the half, 2-0.
A rejuvenated Pachanga FC defense entered the pitch for the second half preventing a few more attacks by their opponents but it did not last long before another score was tallied for Ceres as Gallardo struck his second to extend his team’s lead to 3-0.
The game encountered technical difficulties in the final minutes of the second half as the main stadium lights went off due to a power interruption but match officials, with the consent of the opposing teams, chose to continue on with the game with only the lights from the grandstand illuminating the pitch.
As the game progressed, a late game goal in stoppage time was punched through goalkeeper Ace Villanueva by Patrick Reichelt to seal the first win of Ceres FC this season.

Stallion FC also notched a first game day win against Army FC following the lone goal scored by Fitch Arboleda in the 20th minute while Manila Jeepney FC and Green Archers United FC bout ended in a 2-2 draw. - 

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