22 November 2012

Malditas in LA Vikings Cup- New teams, new schedule

Malditas , the Philippines Women`s NT were going to participate in LA Vikings Cup starting this week , playing against LA Vikings, California Cosmos and Trinidad & Tobago NT.

LA Vikings and Trinidad & Tobago have pulled out now , replaced by club teams Leon and Metro Stars

Originally more NTs where participating like Canada, New Zealand and Haiti but all pulled out of the tournament.

New Schedule :

Friday 23 : Philippines vs Metro Stars, Casey Field , LA College, 2.15 pm ,PST
Saturday 24 : Philippines vs California Cosmos , Casey Field, LA college, 12 pm , PST
Sunday 25 : Philippines vs Leon , Allen Leyne Stadium , Downey High School 6 pm, PST

Finals on Tuesday 27

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  1. How weird. It's the LA Vikings Cup yet the LA Vikings aren't participating. haha

  2. This is another example of PFF pissing away donated money meant for home development on joke foreign 'training'.

  3. a player`s blog about this training camp :


  4. What kind of lifeless life care about women's football ?

  5. The main reason they're here is to look at the 40+ girls joining the training camp. The girls from the Universities and high school ranks.

    You guys have to start looking at big picture. The team has AFC Qualifiers, AFF Women's Championships, and the SEA Games next year. We need to improve the team for those tournaments. Who cares for the LA Viking Cup. The teams participating in that tournament will still be 10 times better than any of the teams in Southeast Asia. This is good training for the team.

  6. Actually it is turning out to be a great investment. This is not "training" like the Azkals trip to Chicago. This is primarily a tryout for US and Canadian based players. Canada and the USA won bronze and gold at the London Olympics and there are a lot of Filipinos living in those countries. It makes sense for the Malditas to go to where the world's best female football players live to recruit players.
    With these players, the Malditas can challenge the top teams in the AFC.
    As far as who is interested in women's football. There were some crowds of 70,000 at both the Olympics and World Cup.
    The Malditas are our best chance of success in world football. The 7 goals they scored against Singapore is just a small sign of what they can achieve with proper financial support.

  7. If you witnessed the talented ladies that came from all over the USA, not knowing one another, for 1 week of training, then you would agree that the future of the Philippines WNT is very bright. They are talented and very fast. Because most of them are accustomed to direct, English-style of football at the high school, club and collegiate level, it will take time for them to adjust to Ernie's possession-style of football. They need to have 2-3 camps per year in the USA to build chemistry. But make no mistake, these girls are very talented and very proud to represent the Philippines.

    1. And Canada too, eh.

    2. Here is what I do not understand, these girls come from a FAR BETTER program than what Ernie has coached thus far in a womens program(or perhaps any program). They excel in their type of play. Why would they have to adapt to a possession style? Its gonna ruin their game!!

    3. sino si ernie

    4. Lets just hope these talented girls dont lose interest since they are all used to more structure and far better coaching than the current coach of the national team.

  8. Let's not forget that they just started the Philippine Women's Super league. I hope in the near future that the league will be more established and gain more financial support as the WNT starts to do better in AFF and AFC.

    I hope those girls in the states and in Canada who want to prolong their football careers after college can look at the PWSL as a formitable option. We need to bring more quality to the league as well as the WNT.

    Absolutely, this is nothing like the Azkals Chicago tour or for that matter the Azkal tryouts that Aly and Anton held in Daly City back in 2011. Sir Mark, Sir Ralph, and Sir Butchie really did their homework in finding these best girls. As Sir Mark stated to me, unfortunately some of the girls couldn't partake in the camp due to injury or academic reasons, but are definitely in the fold moving forward.

  9. Malditas 1 Metro Stars 0 according to the Captain's tweet.
    Most of these ladies won't play in the Super League as they are university students. Once they graduate they can make a lot more money in North America and can play club football at a much higher level than the new super leaugue.

  10. We'll see...I mean, didn't they say the same thing about the fil-foreign Azkal players too? "They'll never play in the UFL".....Flast forward 3 years into the UFL and a majority of them are now in the league, like the Younghusbands, Omphroy, Uy, Porteria, Sabio, Reichelt, the Guirados, Carli, Wolf, etc.

    If some of these girls make it to the pro leagues in North America and Europe, then great. I'll be happy for them. I'm just saying that hopefully in a few years, the PWSL can be a viable option once it's more financial stable and supported.