03 September 2012

Azkals squad for ASEAN friendlies

Official squad for ASEAN friendlies :

Goalkeepers :

Neil Etheridge (Fulham Fc)
Ed Sacapano (Army FC)
Ref Cuaresma (Loyola FC)

Defenders :

David Basa (Global FC)
Rob Gier (Ascot United , England)
Jason Sabio (Kaya FC)
Jerry Lucena (Esbjerg, Denmark ,available for Cambodia and Singapore friendly)
Roel Gener (Army Fc)
Carli de Murga (Global FC)

Midfielders :

Nestorio Margarse (Army Fc)
James Younghusband (Loyola Fc, suspended for Cambodia friendly)
Marwin Angeles (Global Fc)
Marvin Angeles (Global Fc)
Misagh Bahadoran (Global FC)
Chieffy Caligdong (Air Force ?)
Jeffrey Christiaens (Global Fc)
Jason de Jong (Stallion Fc)
Paul Mulders (Ado den Haag , Netherlands)
OJ Porteria (Kaya Fc)
Andres Gonzales (Loyola Fc)
Patrick Reichelt (Global Fc)

Forwards :

Ian Araneta (Air Force ?)
Denis Wolf (Global Fc)
Phil Younghusband (Loyola Fc)

Stephan Schröck (Hoffenheim , Germany ) might be available for Singapore and Laos friendly


  1. Comments ? Mostly same team as in Chicago , adding some players from Europe and David Basa .
    Oy and Omphroy dropped , maybe because they dont have Philippine passports

  2. "Oy and Omphroy dropped" Are we getting news about this? Can they get that before Suzuki Cup? their passport

  3. I hope this overhyped team will win against lowly opponents.

    1. Ok. Can you explain how this team is over hyped? Don't just make drive by comments. State your reasons you stupid Filipino.

    2. Duh... you see their faces every day in almost everywhere and they haven't even won anything substantial yet. Are you not irritated? They don't deserve these media mileage yet. Di naman ako sabik sa mga regular Joe gusto ko yung nag champion at nanalo

    3. @Anonymous 01:28
      @Anonymous 09:28

      You are always using this word over hyped in most of your comments, which only shows the kind of personality that you are. SOMEONE WHO WANTS TO GET THE ATTENTION OF OTHERS BUT NO ONE WANTS TO NOTICE HIM. That's the kind of person that you are.

      A lot of these European born Azkals brings their knowlege of football which the Filipinos unfortunately don't have yet. They can only be of help to the Philippine Football. It is not their fault that their handsome faces are often in magazines and newspapers. A lot of them don't even like the idea to be always run after and interviewed by the press.

      If you try to open your NARROW BRAIN the best way to promote Football and get the Filipinos to be interested in this beautiful game is through the MEDIA.

      And it is very stupid of you to say:
      "gusto ko yong champion at nanalo"
      Don't you ever know that Philippine is just a developing country when it comes to Football? And even if there are European learned footballer in the team, they have to adjust to their Filipino teammates whose skills and talents are not as far as they have. You cannot expect them yet to win and win, they are starting. We need PATIENCE here and SUPPORTIVE people. Someone like you is not needed in this starting phase of the Philippine Football.

      Reading your comments, one can notice that you are also a TRYING HARD football expert that you are not.
      And if ever you want to question me about my knowledge about football because of what I wrote here, yes I am very knowledgeable, I know football from A till Z.

      LASTLY IF YOU ARE IRRATED ABOUT THESE over hyped team that you said..
      MILLIONS of Filipinos are happy and enjoying just looking at their handsome faces.

      Have a nice day to you..

    4. 101 % You are correct, even here in the middle east, as an OFW we are proud to our NT-AZKALS "homegrown or Fil-fors" as long as they are true by themselves and for the love of our country we are all supportive for our NT-AZKALS,..Besides, Football is universal game, a passion and excitement is always we felt most specially you carry the Philippine Flag, as one nation, one common goal....
      Until now, we don't understand why "CRAB MENTALITY" are still alive...instead try to understand Football and enjoy the game....Good luck AZKALS.....

    5. wag nyo na pansinin yan basketball fucktard yan walang saysay ang buhay niyan. siguro mukhang tubol yan kaya galit na galit sa mga tisoy. hahahhahaaha

  4. Attaboy "Anonymous4 September 2012 05:35". Some people really are full of sarcasm. Guys let's be positive and support our NT. They sure needs our prayers and support.

  5. gener, margarse, araneta and the like.... blehhhh!!!

  6. Colonial Minded kasi kayo sabik kayo makakita ng mga puti. Nababakla ata kayo sa mga tisoy ha ha. Isipin nio laki na nga sila sa Europe di pa nila matalo ang taga South east Asia hahahaha di ba dapat nilalampaso lang nila ang ASEAN football ... I say bring in the "LEGIT" medals first before they get anything good yet

  7. Pagtatawanan lang tayo ng ibang bansa kasi we glorify losers ha ha ha. Baba siguro ng standard ng Pinoy kasi kahit talunan tinitingala haha What the hell hahahah Only in the Philippines

  8. KAWAWA KA NAMAN Anonymous 23:18 and 23:12

    The way you are commenting loser ka nga in every bit of your comment, kasi wala kang ma i-contribute dito sa blog ni Jhonny kundi negative comment. A sign that you are a LOSER who wants to pretend to be not. Mabuti nalang yang mga batang yan kung tinitingala, may hitsura na, marunong pang mag laro ng Football kahit hindi pa naka medals. Mayron silang nai dudulot na kasiyahan sa kapwa nila, hindi katulad mo na ang lumabas sa bibig at sulat bantot sa pagka negative.

    Tama nga si Anonymous 14:25, mukhang tubol ka siguro kaya galit ka sa mga tisoy, at wala kang alam na sport na naging sikat ka, kaya inggit ka sa mga Azkals na yan. Kawawa ka naman..

  9. haha ha ha Use your coconut guys... All that glitters is not gold - Filipino sports fan should be critical. Performance hindi papogian ang football haha

  10. Ano ka ba Anonymous 01:06,
    talagang utak ALIMASAG ka !!! Hindi mo naiintindihan na nag umpisa palang ang Philippine Football? Gusto mo mananalo ng mananalo kaagad sila. Eh kung ikaw ang may utak, dapat mong maintindihan yan. Huwag kang utos utos sa iba nga "use your coconut guys". Mag umpisa ka sa sarili mong kokoting ALIMASAG. Walang Media na nag sabi na they are already glittering in sports like GOLD.
    Gamit ka ng gamit ng mga poverbs mali naman, tumigil ka nga sa mga kabolastugan mo. Bago ka mamintas sa mga Azkals umpisan mo muna sa sarili mo.

  11. DUH emerging? ... Rubbish excuse

    I think we can only use lame excuse term "emerging" if we are using local players who did not really grow up in a football country.

    But, we are using players from advanced football countries UK, Spain. So they have no right to lose especially ASEAN countries .., which the standard is lower to where they came from

    Gets mo nA? BAkit bwisit ako?

    1. ^^Oh shut up! You clearly know jack shit about football. You're the type that finds anything and everything, no matter how small or far fetched, to be able to fuel your retarded agenda of bringing down the national team, the players or football in general.

      If you don't like a certain player for example, fine, say so. But that comment of yours of not being able to use the "excuse" of being an emerging nation.... BS!! And you're full it as well.