11 September 2012

Laos vs Philippines , no official "A" international friendly !

The friendly Laos vs Philippines was no official "A" international friendly and will not be counted for FIFA ranking.

The referee was not on FIFA list of official FIFA referees.

FIFA.com has removed the match today from their list of official matches


  1. No wonder the referee wasn't wearing a FIFA badge on his shirt!

  2. Ha ha ha baldog gali ang ila mga ref...basi tag sien lang to ila adlaw...ha ha ha

  3. It is not nice to hear something like this. Aren't our officials aware and know who will referee our match and if these referees are official FIFA referees. I mean there should be a clear understanding between both teams before the start of the games.
    The fact is the safety and well-being of the players were compromised due to the qualification of the referees.