20 September 2012

Cambodia friendly no official "A" match for FIFA !

Philippines friendly against Cambidoa has not been accepted as "A" match by FIFA and has been removed from FIFA.com list of official "A" matches.

Cambodia were using 7 subs and that is one more than allowed to be a official international match.

Earlier this month FIFA did not accept Laos- Philippines friendly as a "A" match because the referee was not on FIFA list of official FIFA referees.

Both matches will not count in the for FIFA ranking points.

Philippines benefit in FIFA World Rankings that both matches are not counted.


  1. Another lucky decision regarding Azkals' ranking. But i find this kinda weird. Why was the 7th sub allowed in the game anyway ? Cambodian bench might have been confused, then referees should have prevented the 7th sub from stepping on the field. Now this could be ill used for ranking purposes. When you're losing by a hopeless scoreline in a friendly match and you start to worry about your ranking after the match, use 7th sub, then it's no game after all. lol

  2. I know right?^^ But this rule may only be applicable if your the winning team?hahaha

  3. You are FIFA? Don't lie yourself !

  4. I don't understand FIFA they should be more flexible with these kind of things. But at least they did a great job with the game.